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Saturday 20 December  
Microfinance dossier

Microfinance: Who profits?

Five years after the 'Year of Microcredit' Radio Netherlands Worldwide wants to take the debate on micro-finance a step further, with a series of radio broadcasts and web productions on the theme.

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'Kiva, don't use microfinance as marketing'

'Kiva, don't use microfinance as marketing'

Changing someone's life through a loan. That's pretty much the idea behind Kiva, arguably the most popular 'people-to-people' microcredit organisation. In just over four years, Kiva - founded in San Francisco - has...

European Union to give microloans to creative entrepreneurs

European Union to give microloans to creative entrepreneurs

Europe sees the microloan as a way to fight unemployment and poverty. The European Union has decided to spend 100 million euros to help entrepreneurs who come up with creative ideas. In the Netherlands, Princess Máxima opened the...

Sebastien Haziza

Microfinance comes to the 'banlieues'

Not only money, but more importantly a business coach to help people start a business in the notorious French banlieues. FinanCités does not issue microloans but invests in small companies and allows itself to be bought out after...

Jessica van Egmond discussing her business plans

No fixed criteria for microloans

In Indonesia, a person living in a house with a stone floor and a corrugated iron roof asking for a microcredit loan can pretty much forget it. But in India, someone living under the same circumstances is not necessarily rich. What...

Dutch moped man enjoyed Western-style 'microfinance'

Microfinance: why should users pay all the costs?

Is microfinance really meant for Western businessmen? Romanian tea trader Andrei Munteanu and Arnold Hoek, who has a motorised bicycle rental business in the Netherlands, received microcredit because other banks were not prepared to help...

José Zepeda talks to tortilla baker Linda Flores at the RNW Microfinance event

Microfinance: RNW's topic for 2010

Five years after The Year of Microcredit, Radio Netherlands Worldwide wants to take the discussion a step further. Starting in January 2010, microfinance, under the banner Microfinance: who profits?, will be a central topic on both...

Microfinance reactions - Bidi's husband

Microfinance: time to roll up your sleeves

A reader from Ghana responded angrily to a critical article about microcredits in his country on Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s website. He described it as “Imperialistic!” There were a number of emotional reactions to...

Tortilla baking in Nicaragua

Microfinance: listen to the users

Tortilla baker Linda Flores has a better life in Nicaragua thanks to microfinance, but her children are still not going to school. Moroccan beekeeper Abdelkebir Baddi has a loan as part of a group, but what if one of his fellow beekeepers...

Microfinance in Madurai, India

Marrying microcredit with debt reduction in India

Microfinance was originally meant to help people set up small businesses, but now it's also used to settle debts and - in India - even pay for weddings. However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the slums of the Indian city of...

Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State of the United States

Hillary Clinton: Microcredit is a macro idea

"Our destiny is strongly linked to the destiny of the poorest," says US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a strong supporter of microfinancing.

Showing items for microfinance


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