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Sunday 21 December  
Microfinance dossier

Microfinance: Who profits?

Five years after the 'Year of Microcredit' Radio Netherlands Worldwide wants to take the debate on micro-finance a step further, with a series of radio broadcasts and web productions on the theme.

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Imane's schoolchildren

Imane conquers handicaps with microcredit

“Now, ten years later, I think we’re on the right track.” Imane Al-Majali has a daughter, Jumana, with a handicap. Jumana suffers from growth problems and learning difficulties. Even so, Imane wanted her to go to a normal...

Under-the-table microcredit for Surabaya prostitutes

Under-the-table microcredit for Surabaya prostitutes

By day: shawl seller. By night: prostitute. With help from under-the-table loans, several women in the Indonesian city of Surabaya are trying to break loose from the hard life of a prostitute and the poverty that goes with it. It’s...

Microcredit in Laos

Western microcredit not for Laotians

"Really poor people in Laos are not looking for microcredit from Western countries" says Timo Hogenhout, a Dutchman who for the past few years has been working as an advisor to international organisations in Laos. Nearly half the...

Microcredit: doubts about well-intended courses

Microcredit: doubts about well-intended courses

Learning how to save. In Honduras this is one of the criteria for small businessmen to get microcredit. At the beginning of July, Radio Netherlands Worldwide published a video about financial training courses in Honduras. Klaas Molenaar,...

Parveen, a female restaurant owner in Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistani 'Mama' breaks taboo with microcredit

It's unusual to find women restaurant owners in Pakistan. Nevertheless, Parveen is doing a roaring trade in Lahore. Without microcredit, she wouldn't have been able to send her children to school and she'd still be having rows with her...

Faisel Rahman of Fair Finance, London

Microfinance: solution to everything?

"If you keep looking at microfinance from the point of view of idealism, it'll never work," says the director of an investment company. "But you can't see poor people as a paying concern," counters the lecturer in...

Lilian Bayley in her snackbar

Microcredit for a mobile take-away

Microcredit is not just for developing countries. In the Netherlands, HandsOn Microcredit lent 5000 euros to a Surinamese mobile take-away owner and a Venezuelan guitarist. The interest on the loan is six percent and the recipients receive...

Kigali - small businesses of the kind helped by microfinance

Rwanda: microfinance - a way out of the abyss?

After Rwanda’s horrific genocide of 1994, microfinance seemed to be an answer for the poverty-stricken country. The sector grew rapidly, which also laid it open to corruption and mismanagement. Rwanda has done all it can to polish up...

Microfinance in Rwanda: booming after the genocide

Microfinance in Rwanda: booming after the genocide

Microfinance is booming. Certainly in Rwanda. And the Netherlands is contributing to this 'success story'. Via both the front and the back door.  

A successful story makes it easier to sell microcredit

A successful story makes it easier to sell microcredit

A cheesemaker poses proudly with an enormous cheese in his hands in the advertising brochure of a microcredit organisation. He’s grinning from ear to ear. Next to him there’s a photo of a smiling Indian woman, wearing a sari...

Showing items for microfinance


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