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Saturday 20 December  
Free speech

Free speech

Seen as one of the most precious of human rights, freedom of speech is never absolute. The right to speak freely without censorship is subject to limitations in every country, as this series of articles and videos shows.

Article: Russians defy bitter cold to protest against electoral fraud

“We won’t be put off by the frost.” With this text in her hand, Anastasia Karimova stands proudly in her bikini next to a statue of Lenin, urging the Moscovites to take part in Saturday’s mass demonstration against...

Joumana Haddad
Netherlands Netherlands Article: The art of the body

Article: The art of the body

“I like being called an erotic writer” says Lebanese journalist, poet and translator Joumana Haddad. She is the first Arab woman to publish a magazine about the human body. Her books have been translated into 23 languages,...

Article: Press freedom under pressure in spite of Arab spring

Press freedom in Syria, Bahrain and Yemen has dropped drastically in the past year. The annual index for press freedom by NGO Reporters Without Borders (RSF) show that press freedom in Eritrea, North Korea and Turkmenistan continues to be...

Article: Egypt’s revolution, one year on

A  year ago today Egyptians rose up to start the revolution which toppled Hosni Mubarak. To the rest of the world it might have seemed a mission impossible but the determined young protesters achieved their goal. Twelve months on much...

Article: Undercover journalism: when do you cross the line?

Is it acceptable for a journalist to walk into an old people’s home and start firing off confrontational questions at an elderly resident? You would think not. But if that resident is convicted Nazi war criminal Heinrich Boere, then...

Wikipedia blacked out for 24 hours
United States of America United States of America Article: Wikipedia joins anti-piracy wrangle

Article: Wikipedia joins anti-piracy wrangle

Wikipedia has blacked out its English language pages for 24 hours in protest at two mooted US anti-piracy laws, SOPA and PIPA. The media and entertainment industry has welcomed the bills, but the internet world is outraged at what it sees...

Article: Myanmar releases political prisoners

Myanmar freed at least 200 political prisoners on Friday in an amnesty that could embolden the opposition and put pressure on the West to lift sanctions as one of the world's most reclusive states opens up after half a century of...

Article: Egyptian blogger reviled for being pro-Israel

The Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad was one of the first people to be criticized by the military government following the fall of President Mubarak. He has been imprisoned since March 2011. While international demands for his release...

Article: Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat retrains his fingers

"Once my fingers have healed, I'll go back," says the renowned Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat. In a physical attack in August his hands were severely injured, making it temporarily impossible to draw cartoons. Earlier this month Mr...

Article: Italian journalist spotlights censorship on Facebook

“Censorship at RAI is commonplace,” says Alberico Giostra, radio newsreader at Italy’s public service broadcaster. Giostra had had his buttons pushed just once too often and decided to post changes made by the editorial...

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