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Thursday 18 December  
Free speech

Free speech

Seen as one of the most precious of human rights, freedom of speech is never absolute. The right to speak freely without censorship is subject to limitations in every country, as this series of articles and videos shows.

Article: Russian media braced for a crackdown

The mood in Moscow is turning grim as the presidential elections approach. Recent mass protests against Vladimir Putin were spontaneous, relaxed, sometimes even cheerful. But now the apprehension is growing. Will there be a government...

Article: Dutch Press Review Wednesday 29 February 2012

The latest Greek bailout gets half-hearted Dutch backing, while Europe’s central bank deploys its ‘Big Bertha’. Dutch tourist hooligans are in the news again, the justice minister has ‘lover boys’ in his...

Article: Dutch Press Review Tuesday 28 February 2012

A prince stands in for Queen Beatrix amid the royal family’s grief and a brutal stabbing gets front-page treatment. We’re told that cuts are bad – as if we didn’t know – and not everyone wearing a white coat...

Article: Cleric did say “Jews are descendants of apes and pigs”

“I will tell you the truth about the fight between us and Jews who are the enemies of God and the descendants of apes and pigs.” That is the correct translation of a statement the controversial British-Palestinian Muslim cleric...

Article: EU anger at ‘xenophobic’ Dutch website

A Europe-wide row has broken out over a website launched by the populist Freedom Party. On the site, people are asked to “tell their stories” about trouble caused by East European migrants to the Netherlands. The European...

Article: Dutch stand up for Saudi Twitter apostate

Twenty-three-year-old journalist and Twitterer Hamza Kashgari was extradited from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia on Sunday. He faces a possible death sentence for apostasy. Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal has expressed his concern. And...

Article: Loosen up copyright law, says Dutch government

The YouTube generation has gained an ally in the worldwide "copyright wars." The Dutch government wants to change copyright law so new media users can continue to do "creative remixes" of protected content. The Hague...

Social media
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Fired because of Facebook

Article: Fired because of Facebook

People who post their opinion on Twitter or Facebook do not always expect serious consequences as a result. However, photographs, videos and messages posted on social media are increasingly grounds for dismissal, lawsuits or even prison...

Article: ACTA: more than just an illegal download ban

A new wave of protests in defence of internet freedom is on its way. On Saturday, demonstrators will target the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement or ACTA for short. The agreement is aimed at setting a worldwide standard in the protection of...

Article: Dutch reporters acquitted in Nazi interview case

Two Dutch journalists, Jelle Visser and Jan Ponsen, were found not guilty on Thursday of breaches of German privacy law. They were on trial for secretly recording an interview with Dutch war criminal Heinrich Boere.

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