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Monday 22 December  
Free speech

Free speech

Seen as one of the most precious of human rights, freedom of speech is never absolute. The right to speak freely without censorship is subject to limitations in every country, as this series of articles and videos shows.
Internet security
Netherlands Netherlands Article: New threat to internet freedom

Article: New threat to internet freedom

Out of public view, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a UN agency, is working on a proposal to give governments more control over the internet. The effort is supported by a number of countries including Russia, Brazil and...

Article: RNW’s Dutch-language service falls silent

After 65 years, Radio Netherlands Worldwide has ended its broadcasts aimed at Dutch people abroad. From messages for sailors to special programmes for expats - what has Radio Netherlands meant for the Dutch overseas? In the...

Netherlands Netherlands Article: Dictators ruin the economy

Article: Dictators ruin the economy

Dictatorship is bad for the economy. Researchers say a country’s finances go into freefall after 10 to 15 years of totalitarianism. The tell-tale characteristics are decreasing growth and increasing inflation. “The longer a...

Video: Untold tales for World Press Freedom Day

Around the world, journalists and activists are doing their best to bring important stories to our attention. Stories that others are doing their utmost to keep covered up. To mark World Press Freedom Day, Free Press Unlimited is...

Video: How free should free speech be?

Foreign students at Wageningen's University and Research Centre (UR) don't share the same views about freedom of expression and free speech in the Netherlands. They vary from "an example for my country" to "not applicable to...

Article: Publication ban on virus research: security or censorship?

On Monday, Dutch experts will debate whether or not Dr Ron Fouchier should be allowed to publish the results of his research, which has created a potentially dangerous strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus. The United States biosecurity...

Article: National intranet – the state knows best

The internet as the place where everyone can exchange unlimited information is on the way out. More and more countries are limiting access to the web. China has its ‘Great Firewall’, Iran is working on a national ‘halal...

Article: Giving people of the Caucasus a voice

Gregory Shvedov is receiving the Dutch Geuzenpenning award today for championing democracy and human rights. The journalists working for his Caucasian Knot internet newspaper supply the world with independent information about the Caucasus...

Article: Unlike Us wants to dethrone Facebook

The protests have been going on for some time and the complaints are fairly well known. Facebook, which has a monopoly in the world of social networking, has been accused of violating the privacy of its millions of users. People attending...

Article: Saudi activist honoured as 'Woman of Courage'

Saudi Arabian activist Samar Badawi has been selected as one of this year's recipients of the prestigious International Women of Courage Award. The prize is handed out by the US State Department and honours 10 extraordinary women from all...

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