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Thursday 18 December  
Free speech

Free speech

Seen as one of the most precious of human rights, freedom of speech is never absolute. The right to speak freely without censorship is subject to limitations in every country, as this series of articles and videos shows.

Article: ´Ai Weiwei´s work embodies freedom of speech´

The popularity of Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei in the Netherlands is largely fueled by the Dutch love of art that hovers on the edge of acceptability. This commitment to pushing the boundaries of freedom of expression is evident...

Video: Sleepy the poet: Restless Questions

The Wor(l)d is a series of short videos featuring spoken-word artists from around the world. Each week, RNW provides a space for young poets and rappers to share their take on our themes. In this series, our contributors take as their...

Article: CinemAsia turns an eye on young Uyghurs

In a darkened cinema, a trendily-dressed young Asian man uses chopsticks to pick popcorn out of a bucket. The eye-catching poster is publicising the 6th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival which came to a close recently in Amsterdam. This...

Article: Cartoonists draw a grim picture of Egypt's future

“Two years after the revolution – where is Egypt going?” is a question the world is waiting to see answered. It is also the question of the latest edition of the 360 Degrees project, organised by Radio Netherlands...

Netherlands Netherlands Article: OPINION: Down but not out

Article: OPINION: Down but not out

Last month the International Criminal Court (ICC) handed down the second verdict in its 10-year history: not guilty to Congolese militia leader Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui, who had been charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes...

Article: MidEastYouth's Ahmed Zidan: Who’s shocking who?

“People are prejudiced because they don’t know anyone from a minority group,” says 25-year-old Egyptian Ahmed Zidan. As editor of the MidEastYouth web forum, he wants to offer all minority groups a platform – from...

Video: Fighting for freedom with microphone and camera

Freedom for his homeland. That’s the dream of journalist Fasil Yenealem. From a ramshackle self-built studio in Amsterdam he’s striving to do what he can no longer do from Ethiopia: bring independent news to his country.

Article: Big Brother is listening—with tools Europe sold him?

Are emails, cell phone records and SMS transcripts the latest additions to the tyrant’s arsenal? In the digital age, electronic information seems to be attracting the attention of human rights groups almost as often as rubber hoses,...

Article: Wanted: Media laws for the young journalists of South Sudan

Since their country gained independence, journalists in South Sudan have been randomly arrested, thrown out of parliament and denied reactions from government officials. Many of those who report on the 17-month-old nation are young...

Article: The queen of Yemen's newspaper remains silent

The press in Yemen has been under siege since conflict broke out in the south of the country in 2009. Eight of the country’s leading independent daily and weekly newspapers, including Al-Ayyam, were banned. The government also...

Video highlights

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Internet was one of the things liberated by Tunisia's 2011 revolution....
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Muna Shirwa: addicted to a certain type of sadness
The Wor(l)d is a series of short videos featuring spoken-word artists from...
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The Wor(l)d is a series of short videos featuring spoken-word artists from...