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Friday 19 December  
Eleven Cities Tour or Elfstedentocht

Eleven Cities Tour

The Eleven Cities Tour, or Elfstedentocht, is the world's largest speed skating event. Held on frozen canals, rivers and lakes that link 11 historic Frisian cities, the epic 200-km tour is a rare occurrence that grips the entire nation.

Article: Press Review Wednesday 8 February 2012

Skating-marathon madness continues to dominate the Dutch press, but there’s a big euro-crisis story around as well. Internet piracy is put under the spotlight and a court gives a fillip to a football hero’s fight.

Article: Dutch hope for marathon skating tour

With the continuing sub-zero temperatures, people in the Netherlands are beginning to be gripped by skating fever. A number of marathon skating events have already been held in the great outdoors.

Still from The Hell of '63
Netherlands Netherlands Article: The Hell of '63

Article: The Hell of '63

Cold, misery and frozen limbs. The Eleven Cities Skating Race of 1963 is the subject of the latest Dutch disaster movie, The Hell of '63. This winter, skating fever has started early in the Netherlands.