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Sunday 21 December  
The Earth Beat team

Earth Beat

The Earth Beat team


Radio Show: Borders

Earth Beat, 30 September 2011. The pros and cons of carving up our land. We tell stories about the walls we build to divide our environment, and why it’s sometimes best to have no barriers at all.

Dacom's TerraSen
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Less water, more crops

Article: Less water, more crops

More crops with less water. The invention that achieved that won the title Innovation of the Year from the Dutch business community. The people behind the invention say they are making a modest contribution to the fight against food...

Article: Water recycling shower saves energy

Showering is one of modern life's pleasures; washing away the grime of daily life with a constant flow of hot water. But running a shower costs a lot, energy-wise. Besides central heating, it's the most fuel-hungry appliance in your house...

Article: Giant delta plan for Mekong river

The Mekong delta in Vietnam and the Dutch provinces of South Holland and Zeeland have something in common: they both have their own Delta Plan. The system of flood barriers and dykes in the southwest of the Netherlands has been completed...

Ashleigh Elson - loving the smell of clean laundry
Netherlands Netherlands Article: My clean obsession

Article: My clean obsession

RNW producer Ashleigh Elson is what some would call a “clean freak” - although she maintains that she isn’t that bad. As she told Earth Beat on this week's Clean show, having a clean home environment is important to her,...

Radio Show: Clean

Earth Beat, 23 September 2011. We get a little bit dirty, but in a good way. Getting rid of dirt and being clean is seen as a good thing. But what happens when we take clean to the extreme? Plus, why it could pay not to apply the elbow...

Article: Climate migrants have no place to go

Climate change: rising sea levels, an increase in the number of cyclones, tsunamis and other natural disasters. Yes, we know all about that now. Scientists still cannot agree about climate change. But meanwhile, some people are already...

Article: An apple a day—keeps strokes away

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” as the saying goes, turns out to be less fanciful than one might think. Dutch research suggests that white fruit and vegetables –apples, pears, chicory, cauliflower – lower...

Article: HeroRATS - sniffing out landmines

Bart Weetjens got a hamster for his 9th birthday, setting in motion a longstanding fascination with rodents. As time went on Bart discovered that rats’ sense of smell makes them excellent landmine detectors.

Article: Dutch firms thirsty for Iraq water projects

Doing business in Iraq? The time seems ripe now that normality is returning to more and more places there. A Dutch trade mission left on Saturday to promote one of Holland’s best-known export products: water management.


Host - Marnie Chesterton
Editor - Chris Chambers
Producers - Anik See, Fiona Campbell and Marijke Peters
Web producer - Sid Fordham

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