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Monday 22 December  
The Earth Beat team

Earth Beat

The Earth Beat team


Cradle to Grave tells the life story of the average person in Britain through th
United Kingdom United Kingdom Article: A life story in pills

Article: A life story in pills

There’s no denying it. The older we get, the more medication we take. Whether it’s for aching joints, high blood pressure, the menopause or cancer. Prescribed or not, our pill intake increases with our age.

Crisis management
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Before and after the flood

Article: Before and after the flood

Hundreds of people killed, homes destroyed and mass evacuations. The floods in Thailand and Central Asia are in the news at the moment but they won’t be the last. Flooding affects one or more countries every year. Crisis expert Eelco...

Radio Show: Living Longer

Earth Beat, 28 October 2011. Due to assorted cleverness, we’re living longer. But before we pat ourselves on the collective back, bear in mind that this means a whole new set of issues to consider. What are the costs - both...

Article: Probo Koala: No poison, and nobody died

When the tanker Probo Koala dumped its cargo of chemical waste near the Ivorian port of Abidjan it caused huge consternation. Local media claimed that 17 Ivorian citizens had died as a result of the ‘toxic waste’. Reporter...

Article: Amsterdam introduces eco car share scheme

From 24 November, 300 electric cars will be available to the citizens of Amsterdam as part of a car sharing scheme intended to improve air quality. Amsterdam, which officially presented the electric Smart cars on Wednesday, is the first...

Testing on primates
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Animal testing losing favour

Article: Animal testing losing favour

The Netherlands is at the forefront of a global trend turning away from using animals for scientific and commercial tests. Technological advances are making animal testing less necessary and, at the same time, a vibrant animal rights...

Article: Sack gardening in Kibera's slums

The biggest slum in the world, Kibera, is within the city limits of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. While people there would love to grow their own food, there just isn’t the land available.

Street cleaning, Grange Road, Cambridge
United Kingdom United Kingdom Article: Finding brass amongst the muck

Article: Finding brass amongst the muck

London’s roads might not be paved with gold, but British recycling giant Veolia says they may be strewn with other precious metals, which are emitted from catalytic converters in the city’s cars.

Article: Reliable food info on smartphones

Consumers will soon only have to point their smartphone at the QR code on a food product to receive reliable information on the purity of ingredients, production processes and packaging recycling. The products of some producers already...

Article: Green building proves a real money spinner

From his office building in Rotterdam, Dutch property developer Coen van Oostrom (41) looks out over the River Maas. Along the banks there are several buildings which are entirely climate neutral. All of them were developed by him. He...


Host - Marnie Chesterton
Editor - Chris Chambers
Producers - Anik See, Fiona Campbell and Marijke Peters
Web producer - Sid Fordham

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