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Sunday 21 December  
The Earth Beat team

Earth Beat

The Earth Beat team


Radio Show: Winter

Earth Beat, 13 January 2012. It may be cold outside, but we’re warming to winter, meeting people who like to feel the chill. From a husky dog breeder to a long-distance skater, and the man who helps improve the lives of people who...

Radio Show: Best of 2011

Earth Beat, 6 January 2012. We showcase the best of 2011. A garbage anthropologist. Rats that sniff out landmines. Two men who crossed a landscape – in the canopies of its trees. A man who's lived off the land for over 30 years. Plus...

Radio Show: Producers' Picks 2011

Earth Beat, 30 December 2011. Our producers pick their favourite pieces from 2011. From spending summers looking for fire, to a man who sees in black-and-white and hears in colour, the toughest footrace in the world and the man who’s...

Radio Show: Christmas Special

Earth Beat, 23 December 2011. 'Tis the season to be jolly. And we see who’s doing it sustainably. From Christmas trees you can rent, to making everything from scratch and reindeer in New Delhi, some green Yuletide cheer from Earth...

Article: The elusive Fiji Petrel

The Fiji Petrel is one of the world’s most elusive birds. In April 1984, nearly 130 years after it was first discovered, it made a brief but dramatic comeback, emerging from the darkness to hit Dick Watling on the head.

Radio Show: Left Behind

Earth Beat, 16 December 2011. Urban exploring in abandoned buildings, explosive underwater wrecks, what to do about the small problem of nuclear waste and coming back from the ashes of the Black Saturday bushfires. What we leave behind,...

Article: Frozen Planet bear birth sparks authenticity row

The makers of the popular British TV series Frozen Planet have got into a tangle over their polar bear scenes. A bear giving birth to her young turns out to have been filmed at a Dutch zoo, instead of in the Arctic. Even British...

Article: Yvo de Boer: vague agreements in Durban

Was the climate summit a complete failure or were steps made in the right direction for a new climate treaty? Views are divided on the outcome of the climate summit in the South African city of Durban. Between 2006 and 2010, Dutchman Yvo...

Radio Show: View from Above

Earth Beat, 9 December 2011. We’re heading up, up and away to take a look at the view from above. From using Google Earth to discover archaeological sites to a scientist with a head for heights, and a group of intrepid twenty-...

How vulnerable is Dutch nature?
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Is Dutch nature vulnerable?

Article: Is Dutch nature vulnerable?

Dutch nature can be protected with far fewer rules and regulations and far less money, says the government. But the cabinet's plans have alarmed and dismayed many environmental organisations and ordinary people. Many fear that plant and...


Host - Marnie Chesterton
Editor - Chris Chambers
Producers - Anik See, Fiona Campbell and Marijke Peters
Web producer - Sid Fordham

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