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Sunday 21 December  
The Earth Beat team

Earth Beat

The Earth Beat team


Radio Show: Airports

Earth Beat, 6 July 2012. We check into the airport environment. How come flying used to be glamorous and now it’s more like being a herded animal? We meet the people trying to lift your airport experience to the next level - come...

Radio Show: Left Behind

Earth Beat, 29 June 2012. Urban exploring in abandoned buildings, explosive underwater wrecks, what to do about the small problem of nuclear waste and coming back from the ashes of the Black Saturday bushfires. What we leave behind, and...

Radio Show: Summer

Earth Beat, 22 June 2012. Summertime. And the living is easy. Or is it? From summer depression and turning your backyard garden into a farm to scanning the horizon for forest fires, we take a look at the hard work that revolves around...

Radio Show: Full Circle

Earth Beat, 15 June 2012. Things that come full circle, like how an international explorer found the glamour of travelling in his own backyard, and a man’s Harley-Davidson, lost in the Japanese tsunami of 2011, is found – on...

Radio Show: Comeback

Earth Beat, 8 June 2012. The big comeback. In Europe that means the return of the sturgeon to its natural habitat, while in Siberia one man battles to return the wilderness back 15,000 years (minus the woolly mammoths, sadly). Comment on...

Radio Show: Out of Nowhere

Earth Beat, 1 June 2012. We uncover the unexpected. From the man who discovered an island that appeared in the middle of nowhere, to bike lanes that sprung up out of the blue. Stories about some delightful surprises. Comment on this show...

Article: Dutch island is beachcomber's paradise

Terschelling, off the north Dutch coast, is a beachcomber's paradise. The island with its long stretches of north-facing beaches is the perfect landing spot for items lost from ships or drifting in the ocean. A combination...

Radio Show: Ice

Earth Beat, 25 May 2012. Ice, ice baby and bucketloads of the stuff. We meet the ice obsessives, people for whom ice is their job, their way of life, their art. Making music with it, sculpting it or just immersing your body in it: ice is...

Radio Show: The Gift

Earth Beat, 18 May 2012. Stories of sharing. We explain how not to look a gift horse in the mouth (especially when there’s free energy at stake) and meet the people turning every bit of green space in their town – ditches,...

Radio Show: The Extra Mile

Earth Beat, 11 May 2012. We bring you stories from people who've gone above and beyond the basics, in one case, putting themselves through backbreaking hard work. Hear why, from people whose appreciation of this planet has led them to go...


Host - Marnie Chesterton
Editor - Chris Chambers
Producers - Anik See, Fiona Campbell and Marijke Peters
Web producer - Sid Fordham

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