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Friday 19 December  
by Stuck in Customs:

Prostitution in the Netherlands

Prostitution is allowed in the Netherlands, but the government has recently imposed tighter regulation on the industry. In this dossier, you'll find recent RNW articles and a FAQ page on prostitution in this country.

Radio Show: Who are the Latent Dutch and why are some of them not allowed to live in Holland?

Curious Orange - 7 December 2009: They speak Dutch, they look Dutch, often they even think Dutch. But many of those Latent Dutch are not allowed to live in Holland. Sex tourists visiting Amsterdam might need to keep their clothes on....

Article: Sex workers say 'no' to licensing law

It’s been 60 years since the United Nations drew up a treaty designed to put an end to people trafficking, and 74 countries have ratified it. The Netherlands is one of the few European Union member states that hasn’t - but now...

Article: Prostitutes' clients asked to report abuses

A prostitution visitor group in Amsterdam is helping authorities find instances of people trafficking and forced prostitution. The group organiser, independent researcher Paul Hulshof, told daily Het Parool that the online panel which he...

Article: Amsterdam prostitutes grace London’s National Gallery

London’s National Gallery becomes home to a slice of Amsterdam’s red light district from Wednesday, with the opening of the installation The Hoerengracht by US artists Ed and Nancy Kienholz.

Article: Netherlands to crack down on clients of illegal prostitutes

If it is up to the Dutch government, clients of illegal prostitutes will be doing time soon. All prostitutes have to register as such; if they don’t, they break the law, and so do their clients.  However, the sector organisation...

Article: City council to help police clean up Red Light District

The Amsterdam city council is going to help police track down illegal prostitution and crime in the Red Light District. Special council workers are being recruited and trained to assist police by checking prostitutes’ papers,...

Article: Criminal on the run wants to sue press

A dangerous criminal on the run after escaping from jail is going to sue the press for publishing his picture. The man's lawyer says the photograph published by Dutch media was taken during his client's wedding behind bars and can't be...

Article: People trafficker escapes, witnesses fear for life

Dutch police are still frantically trying to trace an escaped people trafficker, while MPs are asking the Justice Minister how a man known to be extremly violent was allowed to escape.

Amsterdammer tackles Fox News
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Amsterdammer tackles Fox News

Article: Amsterdammer tackles Fox News

A 25-year-old man from Amsterdam has placed a video on YouTube putting United States television station Fox News in its place. In an edition of The O'Reilly Factor, Fox News called the Netherlands a disaster area where everything that...

Human trafficking legs
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Devil's bargain

Article: Devil's bargain

Victims of human trafficking are sometimes placed in a devil's dilemma in the Netherlands. They either have to cooperate with the judiciary in identifying and prosecuting their handlers, or face deportation back to their home country.