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Monday 22 December  
by Stuck in Customs:

Prostitution in the Netherlands

Prostitution is allowed in the Netherlands, but the government has recently imposed tighter regulation on the industry. In this dossier, you'll find recent RNW articles and a FAQ page on prostitution in this country.

Article: Seven years for trafficking, but where are the convicted?

A Dutch court has sentenced two African men involved in the trafficking of underage Nigerian girls to four and seven years in prison. The two Nigerian accomplices received sentences of 6 and 24 months respectively. Not that the convicted...

Article: New Schiphol airport service: hookers

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport offers travellers plenty of pleasures to while away their time in between flights: tax free shopping, fine dining, relaxing massages, casino gambling, even high-brow art. Now they can also enjoy the...

Article: in the fight against people trafficking

The Dutch government plans to introduce a ‘hustler' ID card system in a bid to combat illegal prostitution and people trafficking. All of the country's 40,000 prostitutes would be obliged to register with the authorities and...

Article: "There is no such thing as a happy hooker"

The Dutch Christian Democrats believe forced prostitution is soaring in the Netherlands, which is why the party wants to change current prostitution legislation. However, sex workers’ interest groups say the proposed measures will...

Article: Gigolos for free - Dutch glossy's surprise giveaway

The successful Dutch women's glossy magazine Linda has devoted this month's issue to cheating on your partner. As the 'cherry on the cake' , the magazine is raffling off 25 gigolos for new subscribers. Will the campaign finally banish an...

Article: Brothel of the future at Amsterdam museum

The Amsterdam Historical Museum has commissioned a firm of architects to design the prostitute's working accommodation of the future. The exhibition is timed to accompany the installation currently showing at the museum: Hoerengracht [...

Article: Minimum age for Dutch prostitutes raised to 21

Women working as prostitutes in the Netherlands should be at least 21 years of age, caretaker Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin has decided. The minister, a Christian Democrat, has proposed raising the legal prostitution age from the...

Article: Lovergirls a new phenomenon in SE Amsterdam

Girls are busy overtaking boys as far as violence is concerned. In the southeast district of Amsterdam, “lovergirls” are on the advance: young women who gain control over other girls in order to force them to have sex with boys...

Radio Show: Cleaning up Amsterdam's Red Light area

Reloaded - 27 January 2010: This week it's all about good intentions. Will the latest round of clean-up measures for Amsterdam's Red Light District actually work? Just how does the EU improve counter-terrorism measures? And what's wrong...

Article: Restricting Amsterdam red light district

Amsterdam councillor Lodewijk Asscher has launched a plan to raise the minimum age of prostitutes from 18 to 23. Mr Asscher wants to clean up Amsterdam's Red Light district and is proposing a whole raft of measures. In addition to raising...