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Monday 22 December  
Political prisoners dossier

Political prisoners

People held behind bars for their actions or moral objections against the system of governance in their country are called political prisoners. RNW reports on their plight in collaboration with Dutch media company IDTV.

Article: Myanmar releases political prisoners

Myanmar freed at least 200 political prisoners on Friday in an amnesty that could embolden the opposition and put pressure on the West to lift sanctions as one of the world's most reclusive states opens up after half a century of...

Article: Jailed Eritrean-Swedish journalist reported dead

Activist and journalist Dawit Isaak has reportedly died in an Eritrean prison, according to sources on Facebook. Eritrean-born Isaak, who has Swedish nationality, is said to have died late October 2011.

Article: Al-Mansouri family alarmed by reports of Iranian executions

Adnan al-Mansouri has not heard anything from his father for ten months now. Dutch-Iranian human rights activist Abdullah al-Mansouri has been in an Iranian prison for years. That could be dangerous, according to a new UN report which says...

Article: Jailed for abortion in Sudan: "No regrets"

After five years he’s a free man again, the Sudanese gynaecologist Abdulhadi Ibrahim. But his chances of practicing again look slim. Abortion is illegal in Sudan. Dr Ibrahim was jailed for carrying out terminations, but he insists...

Article: Cuban exiles unhappy in Spain

Freedom has a bitter aftertaste for 40 Cuban dissidents exiled to Spain. They were granted political asylum a year ago but the Spanish authorities haven't offered them any work and many feel their future is bleak. In retrospect, many say,...

Article: Canada labels illegal immigrants 'war criminals'

Amnesty International has urged Canada to think again about a list of 30 wanted men it went public with ten days ago. The organisation published an open letter to the Candadian government on Tuesday. Ottawa calls the men 'war criminals...

Article: Amnesty International: facing choices at 50

One person’s protest on behalf of six prisoners of conscience in 1961 was the start of Amnesty International. Over the past half century, the organisation has put human rights on the map worldwide. But there’s criticism too:...

Article: Sain – an illegal alien in the Netherlands

They don’t have valid papers and often lead solitary lives – illegal aliens. The government wants to make it a criminal offence to live in the Netherlands without a residence permit. But who are these people? Part 1 of a series...

Article: Bad news for Dutch political prisoners in Iran

Dutch-Iranian activist Abdullah al-Mansouri has been in prison in Iran for five years. It is not known how he is or indeed where he is being held. Tensions between Iran and the Netherlands have most likely resulted in the worsening of his...

Article: Iranian political prisoner jumps to his death

Iranian political prisoner Siamak Pourzand committed suicide by jumping from his balcony on the sixth floor last Friday. The elderly former journalist decided to take his own life after years of house arrest in Tehran. On her blog his...