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Thursday 18 December  
Integration in Holland dossier

Integration in Holland

A special dossier on the integration - or lack thereof - of non-Western immigrants in Holland. This series of articles by Radio Netherlands Worldwide shows how people of various cultures are learning to live in harmony.

Article: Dutch bureaucracy – a mixed blessing

Complaining about Dutch bureaucracy, and the country’s rule-loving inhabitants, is almost a sport in certain circles, both domestic and international.

Article: Winning Dutch parties reach coalition deal

Monday’s coalition agreement between the centre-left Labour Party (PvdA) and the free market liberal VVD Party will see the Netherlands with a new pro-European, pro-austerity government that plans on slashing 16 billion euros from...

Article: Dutch Press Review Tuesday 12 June 2012

The papers all lead with different stories today, but final plans for a new trade union federation is big news. Muslim extremist violence in Belgium and its fallout in the Netherlands is also covered. And of course, there’s football...

Article: The Hague may ease family reunion criteria

Tighter requirements regarding family reunions and the forming of new families may no longer be introduced by the outgoing Dutch government, the foreign ministry says.

Article: Imprisoned in a marriage? Contact Femmes for Freedom

Many women in the Netherlands are locked in a marriage; under Dutch law, they are divorced, but according to their religion, they are still married. A special helpline for such women was launched this week - Femmes for Freedom. Being...

Article: Fifty years of Papuans in the Netherlands

Their lives are in the Netherlands but their hearts are back in Indonesian West Papua. Fifty years ago, around 500 Papuans came to the Netherlands. They refused to live under Indonesian rule after the former Dutch colony fell in Indonesian...

Article: No customers for Dutch asylum centre in Angola

The Dutch centre for failed asylum seekers in Angola has cost one million euros. It was supposed to house underage Angolan asylum seekers repatriated from the Netherlands. It was opened in 2003, but has hardly been used. Immigration and...

Article: ‘When I came back, the Netherlands had completely changed’

“Why exactly hadn’t I felt at home in the Netherlands for years? Why couldn’t I fit in?” Froukje Santing didn’t recognise the Netherlands anymore after 17 years abroad as a correspondent in Turkey. She was...

Dutch and Turkish women at a swimming pool in The Hague
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Headscarves in the pool

Article: Headscarves in the pool

A cleaning lady wearing a headscarf is scrubbing the floor at a swimming pool in The Hague, while two elderly ladies in bathing suits are showering. It's a combination of cultures seen in one picture at an exhibition in The Hague...

Article: Fiddling the immigration figures

How many immigrants are arriving in the Netherlands these days? That is a politically loaded question. In fact, an opposition MP recently accused the government of fiddling the numbers to make the number of immigrants look larger. At first...