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Friday 19 December  
Integration in Holland dossier

Integration in Holland

A special dossier on the integration - or lack thereof - of non-Western immigrants in Holland. This series of articles by Radio Netherlands Worldwide shows how people of various cultures are learning to live in harmony.

Article: Opposing Islam central tenet of Dutch Freedom Party

The last Dutch party to present its election manifesto, the anti-Islam Freedom Party (PVV) headed by Geert Wilders, has said it will focus on "more security and less immigration". The manifesto was published on Friday in The...

Article: Golden promises end in a sweatshop in The Hague

Sleeping among cockroaches on filthy mattresses. Working 14 hours a day in cramped and dangerous kitchens to earn 25 euros. These were the conditions in which 35 illegal immigrants from Indonesia were found to be living at various...

Article: Dutch 'too PC' about cost of immigration

Dutch scientists turn a blind eye to the costs of immigration. That is the conclusion reached by Dutch researcher Jan van de Beek in his Ph.D thesis. Not everyone is pleased with his findings.   "Are you a right-wing extremist?...

Article: Muslims quietly take Wilders' abuse

Day in and day out, Dutch Muslims are told their religion is "a fascist ideology" and "a threat to Dutch society". By Sheila Kamerman and Dirk Vlasblom for NRC Handelsblad They hear their "so-called prophet...

Article: The Netherlands wants immigrants

It will soon be easier to come to the Netherlands to work or study. A new law making its way through parliament will streamline residency application procedures.

Crowd at a recent event in Holland
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Who gets to be Dutch?

Article: Who gets to be Dutch?

New draft legislation would make it harder to become a Dutch citizen while keeping another passport. At the same time, if approved, the bill could allow thousands of so-called latent Dutch people to finally become fully Dutch. Ahead of...

Article: Rotterdam mosque: complete or demolish?

It has been seven years, and the construction of the Essalam mosque in Rotterdam has still not been completed. Rotterdam council has informed the mosque executive that its building permit will expire if it cannot provide proof of adequate...

Article: Immigrant shopkeepers, saviours of the Dutch inner cities

Immigrants running their own businesses in the Netherlands are doing well. They are the fastest growing group of all small businesses, and they have been an integral part of revitalising a number of inner city neighbourhoods. Like the...

Article: Theatre project reduces multi-cultural tensions

Jong Rast is a theatre project for young people of different cultural backgrounds in Amsterdam West, one of the capital’s many multicultural neighbourhoods. For years the members of the theatre company have worked together as a team...

Article: Neighbourhood gets together in The Storytellers' Kitchen

Getting together to cook and eat, to share stories and to sing. In Haarlem's old abattoir district, many cultures live side by side. Local residents often meet up to explore what they have in common. It all takes place in The Storytellers...