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Friday 19 December  
Integration in Holland dossier

Integration in Holland

A special dossier on the integration - or lack thereof - of non-Western immigrants in Holland. This series of articles by Radio Netherlands Worldwide shows how people of various cultures are learning to live in harmony.

Article: Europe still struggling with headscarf

For several years now, the Muslim headscarf has been the subject of heated debate between Dutch political parties. However, other European countries also host widely diverging opinions on the Islamic veil. When she was conducting research...

Article: App designers gather in Appsterdam

Global app designers are converging on Amsterdam this weekend to share ideas and develop new mobile applications. “People who want to make movies go to Hollywood. People who want to make apps come to Amsterdam.” Appsterdam, as...

Article: Labour members reject ban on ritual slaughter

A general meeting of the Dutch Labour Party has passed a motion calling on the parliamentary party to reject a proposed ban on ritual slaughter as practised by Muslims and Jews. The motion was adopted by a vote of 57.5 percent...

Choosing an urn
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Dutch funerals go multi-culti

Article: Dutch funerals go multi-culti

An increasing number of immigrants want to be buried in the Netherlands instead of in the country of their forebears. However, the sober Dutch funeral, with its cup of coffee and slice of cake, is alien to them. Dennis Friperson saw a gap...

Article: Football star Afellay shines a light for Moroccan immigrant community

Ibrahim Afellay plays for FC Barcelona in their Champions League final against Manchester United on Saturday. Though he hasn’t yet had much field time at the European level for the club, ‘Ibi’ is already a star. The Dutch...

Article: Tunisian in the Netherlands thanks to ‘Berlusconi visa’

“Looking at the present situation in Tunisia, I know I can't have any regrets. I made the right choice.” Sami is 26 years old and has only been in the Netherlands for two weeks. He’s one of the tens of thousands to have...

Article: How expats are learning the local lingo

How easy is it to learn the language of your host country? Do locals lend a helping hand, and are they patient enough? Here are the results of Expatica's language learning poll. Nearly 150 expats living across Europe responded to the poll...

Article: Asylum in Holland: only for teenage girls?

Can she stay? Or will she be forced to go back? That is the question facing thousands of young girls whose parents are seeking asylum in the Netherlands.

Article: Syrian shot dead in Dutch ‘safe haven’

Flee your home country because your life is in danger and then get shot in ‘the safe haven of the Netherlands’. That’s what happened to Syrian-Kurdish activist Nadim Youssef in Alphen aan den Rijn. He was in the wrong...

Article: All-volunteer Amsterdam media impress China

Amsterdam-based CRTV is a Chinese media group producing radio, TV, Internet and a magazine. The 44-strong staff also organise cultural events. It’s an all-volunteer enterprise which makes a big impact, reaching an audience of over...