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Sunday 21 December  
Integration in Holland dossier

Integration in Holland

A special dossier on the integration - or lack thereof - of non-Western immigrants in Holland. This series of articles by Radio Netherlands Worldwide shows how people of various cultures are learning to live in harmony.

Article: Dutch masterpieces seal bond with Turkey

Several museums in Istanbul are holding major exhibitions of famous Dutch paintings to mark 400 years of diplomatic relations between Turkey and the Netherlands. Ties between the two countries go back to 1612, when Cornelis Haga presented...

Article: Cleric did say “Jews are descendants of apes and pigs”

“I will tell you the truth about the fight between us and Jews who are the enemies of God and the descendants of apes and pigs.” That is the correct translation of a statement the controversial British-Palestinian Muslim cleric...

Article: Netherlands under fire thanks to Wilders

When a country threatens to ban Dutch tulips, you know something is wrong. That’s just what's happening now, as Poland and other Eastern European countries express their anger about a Dutch website. Geert Wilders’ Freedom...

Article: EU anger at ‘xenophobic’ Dutch website

A Europe-wide row has broken out over a website launched by the populist Freedom Party. On the site, people are asked to “tell their stories” about trouble caused by East European migrants to the Netherlands. The European...

Article: Children's amnesty divides Dutch politicians

Nearly one hundred thousand Dutch people have signed a petition calling for a 'children’s amnesty'. This would apply to under-age asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected but who have been in the Netherlands most of their...

Article: Dutch labour immigrants are mainly European

Recent research has shown that migrants are moving to the Netherlands mainly in order to find work. Most labour migrants are from other European countries, according to new figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

Article: The Dutch - world leaders in Islamophobia

There were more than 100 ‘incidents’ at mosques in the Netherlands between 2005 and 2010 – far more than in other countries. The incidents are detailed in a new Dutch book about Islamophobia and discrimination....

Article: Tougher immigration laws unlikely to stand

The Netherlands’ tough immigration policy is set to get even tougher now that the government has approved a raft of measures proposed by Immigration and Asylum Minister Gerd Leers. But are the plans really that drastic or are they...

Article: TV quiz for asylum seekers courts controversy

Weg van Nederland is a Dutch TV quiz for young asylum seekers who have exhausted their legal options. The winner gets 4,000 euros for a fresh start back in his own country. Tasteless? "Of course, the programme is sick but, let's face...

Article: Press Review Monday 11 July 2011

Trouble with foreigners in today’s papers. Firstly, the French. There’s outrage as a French TV car shoves a Dutch Tour rider off the road. And worries that Air France might finally be about to swallow Dutch airline KLM whole....