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Sunday 21 December  
Hospital ward - Euthanasia dossier - Photo:

Euthanasia in the Netherlands

In 2002, the Netherlands decriminalised euthanasia in cases where very strict criteria are met. Here are the essential facts about the Dutch policy on euthanasia.

Article: Dutch euthanasia rates unchanged by legislation

The legalisation of euthanasia in the Netherlands has not led to an increase in the number of cases according to a team of Dutch researchers. The findings published today in medical journal The Lancet , show that about three percent...

Article: Nine myths about euthanasia in the Netherlands

The Dutch law allowing euthanasia under certain sharply-defined circumstances often raises eyebrows abroad. And it gives rise to countless unfounded allegations. The criticism is often made in foreign media that euthanasia is too easy in...

Article: Self-help film gives instructions on euthanasia

“When you are ready, put the bag over your head. Then slowly open the helium valve.” An instruction film made by Dutch psychiatrist Boudewijn Chabot explains how someone can kill themselves using a roasting bag and two tanks of...

Article: Holland is a good brand, poorly sold

In the list of countries with the most attractive image, the Netherlands is in 12th place. This is quite a feat for such a small country. But how should we promote the Holland brand? Hundreds of people from the marketing agencies, the...

Article: Dutch euthanasia association pleased with German ruling

The Dutch Association for the Termination of Life on Request, or NVVE, is pleased with the ruling handed down by a German judge regarding the ‘termination of life on request’. Germany's Federal Court of Justice ruled that it is...

Article: Euthanasia at patient's request deemed legal in Germany

A German lawyer who assisted an elderly comatose woman's family in ending her life was acting in the patient's interest, the German Federal Court of Justice found on Friday. An earlier conviction of the lawyer was overturned in a landmark...

Article: Suicide assistant: a new calling?

A training course for suicide assistants? In this age of suicide attacks, there are terrifying connotations to such a phrase. But the real meaning is much more benign.  

Article: 'Right to die' for elderly back at centre of Dutch debate

A citizens action group wants to legalise assisted suicide for all people over 70. By Folkert Jensma for NRC International.

Article: Euthanasia still a taboo for mental patients - even in the Netherlands

People suffering from an incurable mental disease have the same legal right to euthanasia as physically terminally ill patients in the Netherlands, but they almost never get it.  

Article: Suicide tips for just 17.50 euros

No prospects for the future, tired of life or suicidal? Anyone who wants to take matters of life and death into their own hands can get plenty of information on how to end it all from the Dutch Right to Die Association (NVVE). The...