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Monday 22 December  
Dormitory at Don Rua Monastery, 's-Heerenberg, the Netherlands

Child sex abuse in the Dutch Catholic Church

Reports of child sex abuse within the Dutch Catholic Church have emerged following a joint RNW/NRC Handelsblad investigation. Described by the church as a dark page in its history, an independent inquiry has been launched.

Article: Dutch church abuse scandal - more details

Radio Netherlands Worldwide and NRC Handelsblad have received detailed information on accusations of sexual and physical abuse by priests, friars, brothers and nuns from across the Netherlands. RNW has also received information from...

Article: Pope shocked by sexual abuse

Pope Benedict XVI has said in a pastoral letter to believers in Ireland that he is shocked about the sexual abuse that took place in the country's churches and monastery schools. The pontiff said he was also shocked by the way the Roman...

Article: Extent of church sexual abuse: a first glimpse

Detailed information gathered by Radio Netherlands Worldwide and NRC Handelsblad shows that priests, monks and nuns were involved in sexual and physical abuse at Roman Catholic boarding schools and seminaries across the Netherlands....

Article: Independent inquiry into Dutch church sex abuse claims launched

Allegations of sexual abuse committed by Dutch Catholic clergy will be investigated in an "independent, open and transparent" way, says Wim Deetman, who will head the initial inquiry into the allegations. The Dutch Episcopal...

Article: Catholic church child sex abuse scandal widens

Those investigating child sex abuse within the Dutch Roman Catholic Church are facing an enormous job which is increasing by the day. Complaints are flooding in from around the country following initial revelations made by Radio...

Article: Dutch Catholic church orders child sex abuse inquiry

The Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands has ordered a "broad, external and independent" inquiry to investigate child sex abuse allegations.

Article: Catholic child abuse - nuns also accused

Following recent reports about sexual abuse of children by Dutch priests, it now appears that some nuns also took advantage of their charges. Tuesday’s edition of newspaper De Telegraaf contains the story of Herman Harends, who says...

Article: Church calls for independent investigation into sex abuse

The Roman Catholic church in the Netherlands is calling for an independent investigation into reports of widespread sexual abuse within its institutions. Bishop Ad van Luyn made his call for the investigation in the TV programme...

Article: Bishop “shocked” at sexual abuse claims

The Roman Catholic church in the Netherlands is to launch an investigation into allegations of child sex abuse by priests at a boarding school. This follows an investigation by Radio Netherlands Worldwide and Dutch newspaper NRC...

Article: Dutch Catholic Church faces child sex abuse scandal

"There was a knock at the door. I tried to scream but I couldn’t utter a sound." Janne Geraets, now 57, suffered repeated sexual abuse from the age of 11 at the hands of a priest at the Roman Catholic school where he was a...