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Monday 22 December  
Dormitory at Don Rua Monastery, 's-Heerenberg, the Netherlands

Child sex abuse in the Dutch Catholic Church

Reports of child sex abuse within the Dutch Catholic Church have emerged following a joint RNW/NRC Handelsblad investigation. Described by the church as a dark page in its history, an independent inquiry has been launched.

Article: Dutch bishops shredded sex abuse evidence

Dutch bishops destroyed incriminating evidence of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Secret archives of the diocese of Den Bosch, which showed that priests had committed abuse, were shredded.

Article: Catholic sexual abuse report calls for swift help for victims

Victims of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church should receive compensation and the church cannot relinquish its responsibility towards victims due to the lapse of time. These are two of the conclusions drawn by Wim Deetman after...

Article: Chesal and Dohmen, Journalists of the Year

While he wouldn’t exactly call himself shy, he admits to being taken aback by the attention lavished on him this year. Robert Chesal, journalist at Radio Netherlands Worldwide, had already found himself at the centre of a buzz of...

Article: Dutch bishop sexually abused young boy

A former Dutch bishop committed sexual abuse as a young priest. Bishop Van Luyn of Rotterdam has known of the offence since 2008, but has kept quiet about it. According to Roman Catholic Church documents in the possession of Radio...

Article: Radio Netherlands Worldwide and NRC Handelsblad win prize for investigative journalism

Radio Netherlands Worldwide journalist Robert Chesal and his colleague Joep Dohmen from newspaper NRC Handelsblad have jointly won 'De Loep' (The Magnifying Glass), a prestigious annual prize for investigative journalism in the Netherlands...

Article: RNW production nominated for prize

A series of reports produced by Radio Netherlands Worldwide and the Dutch NRC Handelsblad newspaper on sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church has been nominated for the ‘De Loep' (The Magnifying Glass) investigative journalism...

RC child abuse in Curacao
Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles Article: Curaçao bishop apologised to abuse victim

Article: Curaçao bishop apologised to abuse victim

Priests abused children and a Roman Catholic bishop put the church’s image first. An investigation by Radio Netherlands Worldwide reveals that this increasingly familiar pattern also went on for decades in Curaçao. The first...

Article: Dutch clerical abuse victims to join Rome rally

An international meeting in Rome of victims abused by Catholic priests will also be attended by dozens of Dutch citizens. Abuse victim Ton Leerschool announced the news in an open letter to the Deetman inquiry. In it, he asks bishops to...

Yusuf Charles Evers
Netherlands Netherlands Article: Abused as child, now a Muslim

Article: Abused as child, now a Muslim

Child abuse by Catholic priests has seriously dented the trust of the faithful in the Church. Charles Evers, who was abused by a priest, converted to Islam and now is called Yusuf. “Catholicism is a nasty faith,” Yusuf says....

Article: Belgium hits back at Vatican over paedophilia raids

Belgium and the Vatican are on a collision course after the Holy See accused the Belgian police of using communist tactics in their paedophilia raids on Catholic bishops last week. Belgium’s Foreign Minister told RNW that the Vatican...