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Friday 19 December  
Dormitory at Don Rua Monastery, 's-Heerenberg, the Netherlands

Child sex abuse in the Dutch Catholic Church

Reports of child sex abuse within the Dutch Catholic Church have emerged following a joint RNW/NRC Handelsblad investigation. Described by the church as a dark page in its history, an independent inquiry has been launched.

Article: Dutch bishop investigated for alleged abuse in Kenya

The Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office in Arnhem is investigating whether there is enough evidence to prosecute Bishop Cornelius Schilder for the sexual abuse of an underage boy in Kenya 18 years ago, a spokesperson has confirmed to Radio...

Article: Vatican 'too slow to act' on allegations against Dutch bishop

A Dutch Roman Catholic bishop was allowed to remain at his post in Kenya for two years after the Vatican was informed that he had sexually abused a minor. Bishop Cornelius Schilder was sent into early retirement in 2009, officially for...

Article: Vatican orders immediate reporting of suspected abuse

The Vatican has issued a new guideline instructing its clergy to immediately report to the police any suspicion of sexual abuse by a priest. It is no longer allowed to deal with cases internally. However, victims of paedophile priests are...

Article: RNW journalist wins prestigious prize

Radio Netherlands Worldwide journalist Robert Chesal and his colleague Joep Dohmen from the national newspaper NRC Handelsblad have been awarded the H.J.A. Hofland Tile, a prestigious Dutch journalistic prize. The two investigative...

Article: How independent is Catholic sex abuse probe?

The Dutch investigation into sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church came up for discussion in parliament on Thursday. Former cabinet minister Wim Deetman is carrying out the probe on behalf of the Church. But is he independent enough? Or...

Article: Vatican punishes Dutch bishop for child abuse in Kenya

The Vatican has punished a Dutch bishop for sexually abusing a teenage boy in Kenya. Cornelius Schilder, who served as a bishop in Kenya until 2009, was barred from saying Mass in public by the church authorities in Rome. This penalty was...

Article: Salesian priest admits to child sex abuse

Salesian priest Jan Nelissen has admitted to sexually abusing several underage boys in a parish in the town of Terneuzen in the 1980s, but denied drugging and raping them. The 88-year-old priest made his statement during a preliminary...

Article: Cardinal Simonis helped paedophile to a job

While he was Archbishop of Utrecht, Cardinal Ad Simonis shielded a paedophile priest. The cardinal knew about the man's paedophile past when he transferred him to a parish in Amersfoort, where the priest again sexually abused children....

Article: Robert Chesal and Joep Dohmen honoured as Journalist of the Year

Recognition for the work of journalists, and recognition for the thousands of victims of church sex abuse. This is how Radio Netherlands Worldwide reporter Robert Chesal characterised the 2010 Journalist of the Year Award. Robert Chesal...

Article: Dutch cardinal testifies in child abuse case

The former leader of Dutch Roman Catholics is to testify for the first time about his knowledge of child abuse in the church. Earlier controversial comments he made about the abuse caused an outcry in the Netherlands.