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Tuesday 23 December  
Arrjay 12 January 2013 - 9:03pm / USA

"Are we to that point, now?"

Yes, we are to that point!
But the Dutch company only intends to cut the pay of elders. They have a champion in the USA! Observe what Americans voted for themselves.

His name, and associates: Barack Hussein Obama in collaboration with the Apollo Alliance has convinced the Democrat party to foister "ObamaCare" on the population of the USA. ObamaCare outdoes the Dutch firm, by a mile!

That law has a panel of 15 unelected individuals called the Independent Payment Advisory Board(IPAB). It's a dangerous condition of the law that circumvents the American constitution.

In their private meetings the board will determine which Americans will be permitted to get expensive treatment or any kind of elder treatment, even if the US Government is not paying the bill. That includes organ transplants, joint replacements or other life preserving procedures.

The most dastardly feature of the law is that this board can only be repealed if 60% of the House AND 60% of the Senate AND the President all agree to disband it ... during about 15 business days, with specific wording ... in the year 2017, and then the agreement would have no force until 2020. The law states if Congress fails to follow these precise steps, the American people’s elected representatives may never repeal IPAB, ever.
(And this is in America not China or Cuba or Russia! So, are we to that point?)


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