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Saturday 20 December  
Tim 4 November 2012 - 11:52pm / Connecticut, U.S.A.

This is a response to: "Nat" of Germany, 4. November 2012. Nr. 1; you spelt the word "people" wrong! Nr.2; I think it's insanely "STUPID" that there's a E.U. law against discrimination against ANY nationality if they come from a possible country or culture that is hostile to the Euro western world or it's peoples (spelt correctly). It too "idealistic" and it is "stupid", which are ideals many derived from some or many of the Crap-Ass "Baby-Boomer" Generation! That's why I believe the European Union will eventually and rightfully should collapse and come down!!! Hopefully real soon!!! Germany, The Netherlands, and now even the French, are being "sucked- dry" by this whole E.U. thing! The whole muslim immigrant thing has got to stop! That's why I LOVE... "GEERT WILDERS" ! By the way, I'm German extraction too, living in Connecticut state, U.S.A. so don't take it the wrong way. Although, your right these politians are wasting our money!


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