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Friday 19 December  
Showing items for South Asia on RNW

Article: From a low-born Dalit to top business mogul

Although the Indian caste system was outlawed in the 1950s, even today caste...

Radio Show: A market price on petty corruption

“We wanted to put a market price on corruption," chuckles Awanti Bele, "...

Article: Zomia: the need to think beyond borders

Remember the excitement you felt as a kid going abroad for the first time? When we grow...

Article: Sri Lanka government clamps down on news websites

The Sri Lankan government has intensified its policy to clamp down on websites that are...

Article: Tamils slam renovation plans for Dutch fort

Radical Tamil groups in the north of Sri Lanka have slammed proposals by President...

Article: India's under-fives death rate remains high

Child mortality rates in India remain much higher than in other countries. In 2010, over...

Article: Documenting dirt

Living in the United States immediately after 9/11, Indian filmmaker Meghna Haldar began...

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Ladies on the move
RNW is keen on featuring inspiring women in our target countries, women who...
What about men?
In many countries, men don't stick around to raise their children. This is...