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Tuesday 23 December  
Showing items for soft drugs on RNW

Article: Young pot smokers risk permanent damage

Teenagers who regularly smoke cannabis run the risk of causing lasting damage to their...

Article: Weed pass causing problems

The Dutch tip line for reporting crime anonymously has seen an increase in reports of...

Bulletin: Nothing wrong with Dutch hemp bread

There is nothing wrong with bread containing hemp sold by a baker in the Dutch village...

Bulletin: Groningen home fire caused by weed plantation

The fire that destroyed a home in the Dutch city of Groningen on Friday night was caused...

Bulletin: Groningen curbs cannabis coffeeshops

The northern town of Groningen has decided to put a temporary stop on new coffeeshops...

Bulletin: Dutchman arrested in Germany with qat haul

A Dutchman has been arrested in Germany for transporting 500 kilos of qat, a drug...

Bulletin: Weed odour pass to help find nurseries

A so-called weed odour pass that helps people detect cannabis nurseries will soon be...

Bulletin: Top Dutch advisory body okays drug tourist ban

Local authorities can legally bar tourists from entering coffeeshops selling soft drugs...

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