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Friday 19 December  
Showing items for Saudi Arabia on RNW

Article: Saudi death toll rises to 103

The Saudi authorities report that the floods which swept the port city of Jeddah on...

Article: Saudi floods kill at least 77

At least 77 killed in Saudi floodsFloods in Saudi Arabia have killed at least 77 people...

Article: Saudis attack Yemeni rebel bases

The Arab-language news channel Elaph reports that the Saudi air force has carried out air...

Article: Saudi Arabia starts flu vaccinations

Saudi Arabia is to begin a wide-ranging vaccination campaign against the Mexican flu. It...

Article: Journalist sentenced to lashes in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia a female journalist has been sentenced to 60 lashes for having worked...

Article: UN calls for truce in Yemen

The United Nations is calling on Yemen's government and rebels in the north of the...

Article: Yemen troops kills 100 Shiite rebels

Security forces in northern Yemen have killed 100 Shiite rebels and injured 280 others...

Article: Call for unity government in Lebanon

Syria and Saudi Arabia are calling for a government of national unity in Lebanon....

Article: Yemeni rebels reportedly seize northern district

In northern Yemen, Zaydi Shiite rebels from the Houthi clan say they have taken control...

Article: Tunisia suspends this year's hajj

The Tunisian authorities have announced the suspension of this year's annual pilgrimage...

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