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Friday 19 December  
Showing items for RNW budget cuts on RNW

Bulletin: RNW supervisor responds to negative publicity

Ben Bot, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Radio Netherlands Worldwide, has issued a...

Bulletin: RNW editor-in-chief resigns

Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s Editor-in-Chief Rik Rensen and his deputy, Ardi...

Article: MPs worried about RNW's independence

Dutch MPS are concerned whether Radio Netherlands Worldwide will be reduced to a...

Bulletin: RNW budget cuts to go ahead

The Dutch parliament has voted against two motions which might have blunted the effect...

Article: Global call – save Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Prominent world citizens have expressed grave concern over the imminent cuts at Radio...

Bulletin: 70 percent off Radio Netherlands Worldwide budget

Radio Netherlands Worldwide has said the Dutch cabinet's plan to reduce its budget by 70...

Bulletin: RNW surprised by reports of far-reaching cuts

Radio Netherlands Worldwide was surprised on Tuesday evening by unconfirmed reports that...

Article: Radio Netherlands Worldwide changes focus

Radio Netherlands Worldwide is adjusting its journalistic focus to concentrate more on...

Bulletin: Radio Netherlands' future in question

The Lower House of the Dutch parliament has backed a motion from the social-liberal...

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