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Saturday 20 December  
Showing items for Radio Netherlands Worldwide on RNW

Article: New Director for Radio Netherlands

Robert Zaal, the current head of Dutch media group RTV North Holland has been named as...

Radio Show: The last RNW programme schedule

Programme schedule for Thursday 28 June and Friday 29 June 2012 ...

Article: RNW’s Dutch service: over and out

“With pride and some regret our ways part here. Just one last thing - thank you....

Article: RNW Dutch service to end with 24-hour broadcast

After 65 years of broadcasting, Radio Netherlands Worldwide's Dutch service will go off...

Video: The bells toll for Radio Netherlands

For many decades, all Radio Netherlands Worldwide transmissions began with the sound of...

Article: 65 years of Radio Netherlands Worldwide

It is exactly 65 years ago that Radio Netherlands Worldwide began its activities as an...

Bulletin: Egyptian vote compass tops 100,000 visitors

About 100,000 Egyptians have consulted the Vote Compass since it was launched just over...

Bulletin: Vote Compass introduced in Tunisia

Radio Netherlands Worldwide and the Free University have launched a 'Vote Compass' in...

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Ladies on the move
RNW is keen on featuring inspiring women in our target countries, women who...
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In many countries, men don't stick around to raise their children. This is...