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Monday 22 December  
Showing items for Nelson Mandela on RNW

Article: Why Mandela is my hero

Nelson Mandela died on Thursday evening at the age of 95. South Africa’s great...

Article: Protest songs: a powerful medium

Down the centuries, songs have been written for all kinds of reasons. To celebrate happy...

Article: Robinson misses Dutch voice in human rights debate

The Netherlands has been regrettably absent from the international human right debate....

Article: Tutu ready to drink tea with his wife

South African archbishop and Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu has decided to take things...

Article: World Cup kicks off with 1-1 draw

The FIFA World Cup tournament kicked off on Friday afternoon in Soccer City, a 95,000-...

Article: South Africa commemorates Mandela’s release

It was so crowded that young Dan Plato couldn’t get into the square where Nelson...

Radio Show: Oman's riches come to the Netherlands

This week's Reloaded is all about culture. The riches of Oman come to the Netherlands, a Dutch...

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Ladies on the move
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