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Sunday 21 December  
Showing items for Geert Wilders on RNW

Bulletin: EU call on Dutch to explain Pole-bashing

The European Parliament has called on Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to account for the...

Bulletin: Polish embassy in The Hague says thank you

The Polish embassy in the Netherlands has expressed gratitude for the support it has...

Bulletin: EU slams PVV ‘anti-Polish’ website

Brussels has come out strongly against the website for complaints about Central and East...

Bulletin: Thousands complain about Poles on PVV site

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) received some 14,000 complaints on its new...

Bulletin: Poland angry about PVV complaints website

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) launched a website on Wednesday where people...

Bulletin: Dutch burqa ban legislation row heating up

The anti-Islam Freedom Party (PVV), which props up the minority government in parliament...

Bulletin: Romanian president slams Netherlands again

Romanian President Traian Basescu has once again fiercely criticised the Netherlands....

Bulletin: Foreign Minister rejects slur on Wilders

Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal says he categorically rejects the suggestion which...

Bulletin: Wilders demands explanation from Germany

Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders wants the Dutch government to demand an...

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