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Thursday 18 December  
Showing items for Geert Wilders on RNW

Bulletin: Critical MP leaves Geert Wilders' Freedom Party

Dutch MP Hero Brinkman has announced he is breaking ranks with Geert Wilders' Freedom...

Article: Dutch PM dodges third degree

The Netherlands will be in the hot seat at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on...

Bulletin: Dutch don't want the guilder back

If a referendum were to be held now on reintroducing the Dutch guilder to replace the...

Bulletin: Wilders anti-euro report gets frosty reception

The anti-euro report commissioned by Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, has been widely...

Bulletin: Wilders wants return to the guilder

If the Netherlands returned to using the guilder, it would cost the treasury 51 billion...

Bulletin: Unemployment benefits reserves exhausted

The Netherlands' unemployment benefits fund has lost billions of euros in just a few...

Bulletin: Leave the eurozone, Dutch populists say

The Netherlands should drop the euro and reintroduce the guilder, according to a study...

Bulletin: Rutte accused of playing double game

European Parliament president Martin Schulz accuses Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte of...

Article: Dutch Press Review Monday 27 February 2012

Monday’s morning papers are a mixed bag, trudging back after a week's coverage of...

Article: Fiddling the immigration figures

How many immigrants are arriving in the Netherlands these days? That is a politically...

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