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Friday 19 December  
Showing items for Geert Wilders on RNW

Bulletin: Dutch government ‘close to falling’

Dutch media are reporting that the government talks on extra cutbacks to reduce the 2013...

Bulletin: Talks on extra government cuts ‘difficult’

Government talks on billions of euros of extra cutbacks have entered what officials are...

Bulletin: Lower House condemns Wilders' anti-Polish site

The Dutch lower house of parliament has passed a motion condemning the Freedom Party's...

Bulletin: Potential bomb under Dutch cabinet

The knowledge that former Freedom Party MP Hero Brinkman has about its funding could...

Bulletin: No special appeal in Wilders case

The Dutch attorney general says there will be no special High Court appeals procedure in...

Article: The Polish Wilders hates Poles

“I don’t just hate the Poles who work in the Netherlands, I hate all Poles...

Article: Dutch Press Review Monday 26 March 2012

Government talks on extra cuts come under pressure from employers, politicians and a...

Article: Breivik and Wilders meet on stage

Anders Breivik meets Geert Wilders. For an hour, the two are stuck in a room and have no...

Article: The first chink in Geert Wilders’ armour

It’s not every day that a member of parliament decides to leave his or her party...

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