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Sunday 21 December  
Showing items for Geert Wilders on RNW

Article: Muslim censorship or just plain decency?

In Utrecht, sexy posters have been covered up and a message stuck across them. Many...

Bulletin: Turkish President calls Wilders Islamophobe

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has called Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders an...

Bulletin: Brinkman: dissent brewing in Freedom Party

Dissent is brewing in Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, Hero Brinkman says a few weeks...

Bulletin: Poll: Freedom Party down, Labour up

Labour is continuing its recovery in a weekly survey, winning two more seats in...

Bulletin: Rosenthal asked to explain PVV Poland hotline

Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal says he will make it clearer to the outside world that...

Article: The Big America Show comes to the Hague

The Hague and Washington DC may be more than 6000 kilometres apart, but, according to...

Bulletin: Cutback talks: no outcome till next week

Negotiations on a fresh round of government budget cuts aren’t expected to produce...

Article: Dutch Press Review Wednesday 4 April

Geert Wilders reportedly pushes for the immigration minister to be chucked out of...

Bulletin: Wilders denies calling for new minister

Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has denied claims that he wants Immigration...

Article: Dutch foreign policy starts to shift

The curious political situation in the Netherlands with a caretaker minority government...

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