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Monday 22 December  
Showing items for free speech on RNW

Bulletin: Justice ministry split over Wilders trial

The justice ministry was deeply divided about whether to prosecute anti-Islam MP Geert...

Article: Six million Dutch euros for web freedom

Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal has pledged six million euros towards internet...

Article: Tahrir Square changes Egypt again

A choking mix of police tear gas and smoke from tyres set alight by demonstrators forced...

Article: Jailed Eritrean-Swedish journalist reported dead

Activist and journalist Dawit Isaak has reportedly died in an Eritrean prison, according...

Article: Charlie Hebdo: Love is stronger than hate

The satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo has published a new edition just one...

Article: Is there a case for cameras in court?

It was a unique event in the Netherlands: the high-profile trial of MP Geert Wilders,...

Article: The Netherlands is not an open democracy

Internationally, the Netherlands confidently presents itself as an advocate of democracy...

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