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Saturday 20 December  
Showing items for coffeeshops on RNW

Article: Weed pass "disaster"for tourism

The introduction of the “weed pass” in Amsterdam will lead to the closure of...

Bulletin: Groningen curbs cannabis coffeeshops

The northern town of Groningen has decided to put a temporary stop on new coffeeshops...

Bulletin: Coffeeshop protests at not being sued

A coffeeshop owner in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg is furious because he won...

Bulletin: Belgians call for tourist beer ban

A group of Belgians have started a campaign to introduce a “beer pass” to...

Article: Weed pass clash on the cards

Come the first of May, southern towns in the Netherlands are going to defy the national...

Bulletin: Strong cannabis prohibited from coffeeshops

Dutch police are to regularly take samples of the cannabis products sold at coffeeshops...

Bulletin: Strong cannabis no longer soft drug

The most potent cannabis is to be counted as a hard drug in the Netherlands in future,...

Article: Maastricht coffeeshops turn away tourists

French tourists left the coffeeshops of Maastricht disappointed this weekend. Since...

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