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Thursday 18 December  

Tanja Nijmeijer promoted in the FARC

Published on 4 July 2011 - 9:50pm
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Tanja Nijmeijer, the Dutch woman who is a member of the FARC movement in Colombia, has been promoted within the rebel group, says Colombian radio station Caracol.

Recent deserters from the FARC have told Dutch citizen Liduine Zumpolle that Ms Nijmeijer is administrating a large area of land for the rebels. Ms Zumpolle works with imprisoned former members of the FARC.

Ms Nijmeijer’s former FARC commander, Victor Julio Suárez Rojas, alias Mono Jojoy, is said to have been previously in charge of the land. He was killed in a raid by government forces in September 2010.


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Anonymous 5 July 2011 - 4:15am / Lalaland

let's hope it will not be a regression! Forward! Forrard! Forrad on! Advance! Proceed! March! Excelsior!

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