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Monday 22 December  

Queen's Eve parties pass off peacefully

Published on 30 April 2012 - 7:44am
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The traditional all-night street parties on the eve of Queen's Day have not caused major poroblems, according to Dutch police. Thousands of revellers began celebrating Queen Beatrix' official birthday on Sunday evening.

At the Queen's Night music festival in The Hague 23 people were arrested for minor acts of violence. A shopping mall and a central square in the street were closed off to prevent people from being crushed in the throng.

In Utrecht city centre, where a huge flea market is being held which will last until Monday afternoon, some one hundred thousand people were strolling past the stands, according to local authorities. A similar number attended overnight festivities in the northern city of Groningen.

Queen Beatrix, who is 74, will visit the towns of Rhenen and Veenendaal in the course of the day.


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Photo: Hanneke van der Werf

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