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Monday 22 December  

Minister rejects Wilders' plea for Palestinian state in Jordan

Published on 9 December 2010 - 4:52pm
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Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal has distanced himself from views about a Palestinian state expressed last Sunday by Dutch MP Geert Wilders in Israel.

The anti-Islam Freedom Party MP said that Jordan should become the Palestine state, arguing that Palestinians should have the right to settle in Jordan, which could then transform itself into Palestine. Mr Wilders implied that the Palestinian territorities currently occupied by Israel should become part of the Jewish state.

Speaking in the Lower House, Minister Rosenthal emphasised that Mr Wilders' views are not shared by the Dutch government. He said that he had informed Jordan's government about the Netherlands' position.

MP Geert Wilders' Freedom Party is providing key support to the rightwing minority government, but his party has no ministers in the cabinet. The views he expressed on his recent visit to Israel were described by Dutch Labour MP Frans Timmermans as "chimeras and idiotic ideas".

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Anonymous 11 December 2010 - 12:31pm / UK

Finally someone in Europe has the guts to tell the truth!! Jordan is Palestine and vice versa...a country can not be erected from thin air..the Palestinians are Jordanians..check the facts

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