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Wednesday 17 December  

Massive job cuts at Dutch TNT post

Published on 28 June 2010 - 8:37pm

The Dutch postal company TNT plans to shed 11,000 jobs as the firm slims down its operations, cutting deliveries from the present six days a week to just three.

TNT boss Harry Koorstra explained on Monday that the reorganisation was necessary because of changes in the market. “Since 2000, 30 percent of our volume has been wiped away,” he said.

He blamed growth in the use of the internet by companies and individuals, with e-mails often replacing letters and traditional billing by post. Internet purchasing has led to an increase in packages being sent by post but has not got close to making up the overall shortfall.

The company has also been hit by competition following the opening up of the postal market in April 2009. New companies offer lower prices but their staff are paid piecemeal and do not have as good pay and conditions as TNT workers.



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