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Monday 22 December  

Interrogate Joran or release him, lawyer says

Published on 14 January 2011 - 12:56pm
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Dutchman Joran van der Sloot, who is in a Peruvian jail on murder charges, should be set free until he is put on trial. Mr Van der Sloot's lawyer, Máximo Altez, told Radio Netherlands Worldwide that there have been too many errors in the run-up to the trial.

Joran van der Sloot has been on remand for nine months on suspicion of killing a Peruvian woman, Stephany Flores, who he had met in Lima in May 2010. He has not yet been heard by a judge, however, allegedly because there is no interpreter. Mr Altez said he is not confident that his client will be questioned within the statutory period of custody, which is limited to 18 months.

The lawyer is blaming Peru's legal authorities for not providing a Dutch-Spanish interpreter, saying it is not up to him to arrange one. The Dutch embassy told Mr Altez that they are not entitled to assign an interpreter to the case either.

Natalee Holloway
Ricardo Flores, the father of the murdered woman, rejected the lawyer's demands. "The murderer has not said anything up to now, so why does he think he can demand his release?"

Joran van der Sloot is also the main suspect in the Natalee Holloway disappearance case. The American teenager vanished without trace from the Caribbean island of Aruba in 2005, but Van der Sloot was never charged because of a lack of credible evidence.

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Anonymous 25 January 2011 - 9:56am / Canada

I second that! This monster should never be let loose or someone else will lose a daughter. He has women's blood in his hands. He did it once, got away with it then did it again. "lack of credible evidence" is not a good excuse to let loose a maniac.

Anonymous 21 January 2011 - 10:04pm / usa

IM with the first comment, I believe he was set up ,too. Beth Twitty did say Joran would set in prison until she gets answers. I believe she has overlooked the fact that maybe her daughter was took in to sex-trade.She needs to look past Joran, than maybe she could find her daughter.I think its wrong to set someone up for murder when in fact no one knows 100% what happen to her daughter.

Former friend of Rachel M (etc., etc.) 9 February 2011 - 6:14pm / Canada

Actually, Beth Twitty, the family, Aruban authorities and the US FBI looked into the Thai allegations and found nothing. Nothing. Yet, Natalie's picture has been circulated over 30 million times on the internet (did you know that Thai people get the internet?). Maybe next week you will post that Natalie was abducted by aliens?

Marie 9 February 2011 - 8:49pm / USA

(etc.,etc.) - LOL! :-)

RachelM 20 January 2011 - 6:36am / Canada

There is something very wrong with this case. It's a set-up, and Peruvian thugs are responsible. Five years to the day - come on. He was lured to Peru. They know this case won't stand the light of day.

Former friend of Rachel M (etc., etc.) 9 February 2011 - 5:45pm / Canada

Your tenacity at keeping up this ruse is amazing despite your true feelings that Van der Sloot is guilty and you just love to tweak American sensibilities. Your friend Ruth told our little group (now that you never show up anymore) that you have been using another name to write release O.J. Simpson posts on another site to get people riled up. You're a trip. Hi Marie!

Marie 9 February 2011 - 6:30pm

Nice to hear from you again "Friend of Mary S.". Can you believe ALL of the Joran supporters in here? A lot of them seem new.

Marie 24 January 2011 - 5:15pm / USA

Nice to see that you haven't lost your sense of humor!

RachelM 25 January 2011 - 2:59am / Canada

Happy New Year Marie. Don't tell me you still believe all that Peruvian "judicial system" smoke and mirrors.

Marie 17 January 2011 - 6:47pm / USA

Sure, the trial is taking too long to start, so lets just let him go. I'm sure he will be good enough to come back when the trial gets underway. Yea, sure, no problem. This nut is reallllly on my nerves.

BEATRIZ 15 January 2011 - 11:32pm

after the way like the stephanie flores case has been handled by the police and media peruvian, the van der sloot's lawyer will have to use all the recourse and legal arguments to get a fair trial, because months ago joran was interrogated under pressure and the confession was coerced. it is obvious that his rights were not respect in peru.

Former friend of Rachel M (etc., etc.) 9 February 2011 - 6:06pm / Canada

Beatriz, let me get this right... you believe that Peruvian justice has been unfair to Joran, correct? Has he been harmed in jail? No. Has he been beaten up or molested? No. Has he been given food, TV, mail, visitors? Yes. Does he have better private accommodations than other Peruvian prisoners? Yes. Has he been given the right to speak with his attorney more than other prisoners have? Yes. Was he allowed to give TV interviews that were not allowed other prisoners? Yes.

On the other hand, let's look at his behaviour. First he flees Peru and once apprehended, admits his guilt. His English is perfect. He had the money to hire a Dutch-Spanish interpreter from the University of Lima but didn't. He said he had nothing to do with Natalie Holloway's disappearance and then said in the Susteren TV interview that he knew her whereabouts.

Is it any wonder that his two brothers have called him a habitual liar, tell friends he is guilty and have nothing more to do with him? They refuse to talk or visit him. They blame him for their father's early death after Joran tried to implicate his father in the coverup. Remember?

Is Beatriz a pseudonym for RachelM's Dutch uncle? Marie, where's there's smoke there's fire!

Marie 9 February 2011 - 6:33pm / USA

This seems to be getting interesting again. Too many worried about Joran's rights. Even his mom won't have anything more to do with him.

Anonymous 15 January 2011 - 6:53pm

Keep the scum behind bars!!!

Anonymous 15 January 2011 - 4:27pm / Lalaland

It should not be that difficult to find a dutch-spanish court interpreter.

Former friend of Rachel M (etc., etc.) 9 February 2011 - 6:24pm / Canada

It is not difficult to find a competent interpreter. The question has been who will pay? Peru says they don't have the funds to spend on this extra charge. The Dutch govt (Embassy) says that is not their responsibility because Joran and his supporters has the money to pay. But Joran's lawyer insists that Peru pay, as a stalling tactic and presumably so he can get more money out of his tightwad client. The lawyer is hoping to drag this out 18 months so Joran can be released. It's just a legal game.

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