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Monday 22 December  

Fewer Queen’s Day incidents in Dutch capital

Published on 1 May 2012 - 3:53pm
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The number of incidents reported to police during yesterday’s Queen’s Day in Amsterdam has been halved. This year only 542 incidents were reported to police, last year that figure was 1,330.

Every year, the Dutch celebrate the Queen’s birthday with a national holiday on 30 April (actually the late Queen Mother’s birthday). The Dutch traditionally organise street markets, children's games and live music in towns and cities up and down the country to mark the event.

The number of ambulance journeys was also lower than last year, down to 428 from 522. Most of these were for revellers who had had too much to drink, either they had drunk themselves into a coma, were injured or had got into a fight.

However, more people were arrested this year in the capital: 219, compared to 190 last year on 30 April, because police intervened earlier, according to Amsterdam’s city council. “This prevented situations getting out of hand,” said a spokesperson. People were arrested for drunkenness, vandalism and public order offences.

According to the council, this year’s Queen’s Day was “better under control and safer.” Large events were banned in the city centre and smaller events were spread across the capital. The festivities attracted 700,000 visitors to the capital, 100,000 less than last year.


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