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Saturday 20 December  

Dutch police dismantle gay prostitution ring

Published on 25 May 2012 - 4:16pm
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Dutch police have dismantled a prostitution ring that exploited dozens of young Romanian men. Four people in the southern province of Limburg have been arrested.

The Romanian men were lured to the Netherlands without the least suspicion they would be forced into prostitution. They had their passports taken from them and had to give their pimps whatever they earned. Those who refused to cooperate were put under pressure and blackmailed.

The men were told to use gay chat sites to find customers. Some clients were blackmailed with secretly-taken footage but were too afraid to inform the police. The case came to light when one of the Romanian men went to the police. Two more people came forward this week. Police have searched the suspects’ homes and have seized their computers, mobile telephones, pictures and administration.


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