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Monday 22 December  

Cruyff blasts Brazil's World Cup team

Published on 30 June 2010 - 2:31pm

Johan Cruyff has slammed Brazil’s national football squad in an interview with the British newspaper The Daily Mirror.

Brazil will play Holland on Friday in the World Cup's first quarter-final. “I wouldn’t waste my money to see Brazil play at the moment,” says the 63-year-old former world soccer star.

Cruyff thinks Brazil could play much better than the level they have shown so far at the World Cup in South Africa. “They’ve got talented players, but their football is defensive and uninteresting,” he complains. “It’s a shame for the fans and a disgrace to the championship. Brazil is normally a team that people really want to see.”

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Brazilian fan 1 July 2010 - 11:32am

So what Brazil have not been playing beautifully? At the end of the day, it all comes down to which team gets to win the Cup! Take your country for instance. Holland usually display incredibly talented footballers and the team plays in a very flamboyant style. But how many time have you won the World Cup anyway???
Brazil 2 x 0 Holland on Friday :)

Leo Alli 1 July 2010 - 11:05am / Brazil

Bait me? Bite me!

Marcos 30 June 2010 - 11:15pm / Brazil

Dunga is a much more smarter man than he is given credit for. It's not the first time that we here from Brazil heard complains that this or that coach "murdered Brazilian football". It was the same with Felipão (5th victory of the worldcup) and with Parreira (4th victory of the worldcup). And why does that happen? Because the adversaries prefer a Brazil that do not win, of course. "Play beautifully and by beautifully we mean inefficiently.." Thats the moto of Cruyff and company...
And why is Dunga so smart? First, because he does not listen to those kind of empty bravato. Second, because he has the perfect answer for this kind of empty claims: "Do you want to see the "jogo bonito"? Well, you just have to play a open game. Do you think Brazil is over defensive? Then play with a open e ofensive team against Brazil.. The Europeans are the one who claim the most Brazil is "not playing beautifully", but are the first to completely close down their teams and throw the keys away when playing the Seleção. Everytime Brazil will play an European nation we, Brazilian, know that we will see an adversary team that will play with 10 players out of eleven before the midcamp. Why would Brazil, then, not play defensivelly as well, looking for the victory instead of the showdown? Do you Europeans want a Show? Then take the risks and allow the show. If you are not ready to do that, than sorry, but will have no right at all to complain. That's where Dunga give the inteligente answer to the world, showing Brazil can play and win both ways, the choice made not by Brazil, but by the adversaries themselves.
What Europeans like Cruyff want is a superstars team, with players more worried with signing photos than playing football, more worried on making "beautifull" passes than eficient ones, more interested on appear in magazines and newspapers than winning for his country. Well, we, Brazilian, had it on 2006, and we say: no, thank you. We stay with Dunga and Felipão, and we are ready to play again the "jogo bonito", as soon as our adversaries start playing openly with us. Till there, we play to win, being it "beautifull" or not...
Go on Brazil, and Go on South America. The whole of Brazil is with you!

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