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Monday 22 December  

Attempt to interview Joran van der Sloot fails

Published on 17 September 2010 - 10:48am
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Missing US teenager Natalee Holloway's mother Beth Twitty and a Dutch crime reporter have made a failed attempt to interview murder suspect Joran van der Sloot in his Peruvian jail cell.

TV journalist Peter R. de Vries and Ms Twitty were briefly allowed to see Van der Sloot in the Castro prison in Lima, but were thrown out when guards discovered that Ms Twitty was filming with a hidden camera.

Quoting Peru's TV station 24 Horas, Dutch daily De Telegraaf says that Van der Sloot hardly spoke to the two visitors, referring them to his lawyer.

Natalee's body
Joran van der Sloot has been accused of murdering Peruvian Stephany Flores, a 21-year old woman he met at a poker tournament in Lima. Even if he were found not guilty, Joran van der Sloot will have to face the law in the United States, where he has been accused of extortion. Van der Sloot told Natalee Holloway's parents that he would show them the location of her body, on payment of 25,000 dollars. It proved to be a hoax.

Although Joran van der Sloot is still considered the main suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway on Aruba in 2005, his involvement has never been proven and he was never convicted.


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 • Spanish-language video reporting on the failed interview attempt at the Castro prison:

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nathalie 29 October 2010 - 2:22pm

television is not court.
its also proved now... BH and that crap journalist make again first contact!

Tina 19 September 2010 - 3:08pm / USA

I feel for Beth Holloway & understand why she did what she did but it was dumb.
It was a poor judgement call that can jeopardize the extortion case.

Really bad move.

RachelM 18 September 2010 - 10:44pm / Canada

I can't think of a more blatant example of corruption and violation of prisoners' rights. The Dutch journalist bribed the guards to force the prisoner to this interview. What a travesty of justice this case is. Of course, the murder of Flores was arranged too, and this young man was framed. For an extra $100, if Holloway had been so inclined, they probably would have let her bring a gun in.

Marie 19 September 2010 - 1:25am / USA

Thats right MaryS. All the world is a stage, and the Van der Man is only a (duped) player!!!

Marie 17 September 2010 - 7:53pm / USA

At least he admitted to the extortion. Maybe we are getting somewhere!

Friend of Mary S. 17 September 2010 - 3:14pm

The walls are starting to close in on Joran van der Slut now. Like many guilty parties, he has a desperate need to talk and has probably already confessed to his cellmate(s). The fact that his brothers in Aruba have completely cut him off because they think he's incorrigible, lies about their father, and only cares about himself -- is most telling. Mary S (etc.) you missed our Fall get-together. Are you really that mad because your white lies were exposed?

RachelM 18 September 2010 - 10:39pm / Canada

Hi Friend, no it was a case of "duty calls". I'm off to Phoenix instead for a Psychology Conference. Ciao.

RachelM 18 September 2010 - 10:47pm / Canada

No Buddy, I think they are keeping a low profile for their own safety. The entire world seems determined to frame this guy.

sandra v 17 September 2010 - 11:19am / Nederland

As a mother myself, I can´t say I wouldn´t have done the exact same thing as this poor woman.

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