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Tuesday 23 December  
Geert Wilders interviewed on Danish television
Michael Blass's picture
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Wilders calls for mass deportation of Muslims

Published on : 15 June 2009 - 9:35am | By Michael Blass
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Dutch rightwing MP Geert Wilders has said in an interview on Danish public service television that millions of European Muslims should be deported and stripped of their nationality.

Referring to his Freedom Party’s recent success in the European parliamentary election, he said there were an increasing number of “normal” people in the Netherlands who were afraid of what he describes as “Islamisation”.

Reiterating his frequently expressed view that Islam is antidemocratic, the populist politician said he saw it more as an ideology than a religion. He said a “huge number” of Muslims in Europe want a non-democratic society, and although at present they are still in the minority, “as soon as they start becoming stronger, they will I’m sure change their tune and it will be too late to fight back.”


Mr Wilders stressed that he believed that Muslims who abide by the law and conform to what he described as “our values” should be welcome to stay. However, he said he had a “clear message” to people who did not choose to return to their countries of origin on a “voluntary basis”:

“If you commit a crime, if you start thinking about jihad or sharia, then it’s very clear, we will send you away, we will send you packing, we will strip you of the Dutch or Danish nationality. Abide by the rules, you are welcome to stay, and if you don’t we will send you away the same day.”

Pressed by the interviewer to specify the number of people to whom he thought such measures would apply, he confirmed that he was referring to millions of people.

Mr Wilders’ fiercely Eurosceptic Freedom Party gained four seats in the European Parliament in the recent elections, just one fewer than the Christian Democrats, the senior partner in the Netherlands’ present ruling coalition. If the Treaty of Lisbon is ratified and the Netherlands gains an extra seat in the EU parliament, depending on the calculation method applied it may also be allocated to the Freedom Party.


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Anonymous 4 June 2013 - 11:00pm / u.s.a.

It isn't a matter of liberal or conservstive,it's about guts and caring enough to do the right thkng. Islam is a poor excuse for a reljgion.women and children treated like dirt. They need to stay in theie own country.deport the men and let the women and children be free. My father was a liberal and fought in ww2,my brother in nam. John wayne and romney conservative draft dodgers.its about guts not liberal or conservative!

Anonymous 12 March 2012 - 10:45pm / Canada

How can they let this cleris spreading lies through the country that Jews come from apes and pigs. This guy should be beheaded. You can see here of what kind of junk people they are letting onto the western countries, I am ready for war.

Anonymous 25 January 2012 - 7:32pm / USA

Yes deport.

san 23 April 2011 - 5:10pm / canada

I'm ok with diversity but their must still be a national identity. Hindus and Buddhists are starting to look more and more like welcomed house guests. Jesus bless them! Now we have young Arabs! Makes me want to put on a suit of chain mail and smash my way through cocky muslim men to get to Trafalgar Square! Get out of my way! It is sad what I read here in the forums. That the England of my ancestors is gone. I could move back there with my English last name and passport from Canada and have no more chance at 'being' or celebrating Englishness because that guy Herod and all the other Muslims that now dominate the place are now considered English too. To hell with our elites becuase they have robbed us of our heritage. Deport them all and kill any millionair that stand in our way!!!!

worldcitizen 13 April 2011 - 1:05am / asia

The point is?does he make a point or does he score point
Making a point is based on facts not fiction
"feelings" are irrelevant to govern or to be a politician.
in the case of mr Wilders...he scores points...striving on "underbelly feelings in economic dispair related times.
Its allways doomed to fail and allways at a high price (human costs)
history over the last 100 years to now

Anonymous 12 April 2011 - 11:36am / UK

Wilder, you are my shining armour.
To those who claim they are muslim. If you are peaceful, loving then
PROVE IT instead of destroying it, instead of spreading poison.PROVE IT with your well behave, loving attitude. You cannot spread any religious ideas to people with your hatred attitude and certainly not with your sword.PROVE IT.

Anonymous 12 April 2011 - 11:11am / UK

A man who supports sharia laws will kiss your hand and feet when he is weak,
When he has some power and money he will use his sword.

Tanisha Cocopoti 25 March 2011 - 9:26pm

Great post and actually can assist with understanding the topic better.

DR.MUSIC 15 March 2011 - 10:11am / EARTH

Why send them back and make other people miserable. These violent and murderous people should be vaporised. why strain the planet's resourses....? i propose euthanasia for muslims. painless please and nothing horrific.

adam2 17 February 2011 - 10:36am / uk

I spent many years looking for the asshole of the world and eureka it's the Netherlands! There is so much filth coming out from there that left me with no doubt.
The 'The Git' is right. I think Muslims should leave Europe and take their wealth and investment but also Muslim countries should kick out any Dutch in their countries including Dutch companies, banks, etc... Maybe all immigrants should do the same as it is inevitable that the Dutch politicians will turn to the next minority after the Muslims leave. This way the world can watch you go broke and be the poor beggars you should be. European nations whom follow these stupid and ignorant idealogies should take note. How fresh! All of this coming from Europeans who have killed more people in two wars than anyone will ever do.

Dark Star 27 January 2011 - 7:34pm / UK

The Muslim womb is our greatest enemy. Mohammed is now the top name for a male baby in the UK. Helplessness is not a good feeling, but what can one do? Anyone who read/saw the shocking double stoning in Mullah Qali village
in Afghanistan 6 months ago, will have witnessed Europe in 50 years time.

John K 22 December 2010 - 7:24pm / US

There's an article at CitizenWarrior about a proposal from Robert Spencer based on General MacArthur's Shinto Directive for dealing with violent religion. It allows individuals to maintain the religion for private, personal devotion, but bans it from education and government.

It still leaves a problem with what to do about the Quran. Of course, Germany had to outlaw Mein Kampf. What could be done is to declare Muhammad a "fallen prophet" and declare all the Medina period Suras to be null and void, and expunged from legal editions of the Quran.

Carol 17 September 2010 - 5:35am / usa

You only have freedom because your forefathers were willing to fight. If you are not willing to stand up, you will not have freedom much longer. Stop being cowards and kick the Muslims out of Europe before its too late. Liberalism has become synonymous with cowardliness. If you like liberalism or openness, then stand up for it and enforce it, The difference between tolerance and cowardliness is that cowardliness allows other people to be unfair and intolerant and then calls their own behavior fair as if they have nothing to do with it. Tolerance of intolerance is NOT tolerance, its a double negative DO THE LOGIC! Show me a Muslim who says its up to the woman what she wears and who she sleeps with and I'll show you tolerance. Its rarely up to the individual, women are property.

Arn Hatfield 26 July 2010 - 7:58pm

It is neither racism nor religious intolerance which has placed Mr. Geert Wilders and other right thinking supporters into this position vis`-a-vis´ Islamic immigration because similar problems are not found with respect to Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist immigration. Rather it is that en bloc, large Muslim immigrant populations are fundamentally inassimilable into Western secular democracies. Muslims do not intend to assimilate they intend to dominate with a final objective of a global Sharia based caliphate.

Anonymous 29 June 2010 - 11:12am / UK

I'm afraid Dr Nizam is a taqqiya dispensing time waster.
Newsflash.The rest of the world,lets call it humanity,abhors Islam and its worldwide barbarism and violence.
Its child marriage and women enslavement.

Its coming to a head Dr Nizam,from Europe to China to India and you will lose.

Dr Nizam 29 June 2010 - 6:55pm / India

Dear anonymous, it’s too silly to declare that everything about Islam is bad and will remain so. Learned men like Bernaud Shaw and Gandhi didn’t think so. If you want to examine an ideology what is required is an open mind. It’s inappropriate to approach something looking for excuses to hate it. I think reason should lead men and not emotions. Let’s forsake India, China, UK and Nederland for humanity as our identity. The world has suffered enough from extreme nationalism. It’s wrong to draw a border around one’s nation and decide that everything inside is right and everything outside is wrong. Its time we think of humanity with wider borders. It’s high time that we shared our ideologies. I am very proud of the western culture that tries to ensure human rights to everyone irrespective of color, race, or creed. The public manners of British men have attracted me a lot and I see lot of similarity in Islam. The kind of social system in the UK has a lot in common with a real Islamic society, and not the society of Islam that has been prototyped by the media in the west.

Dr Nizam 28 June 2010 - 6:51pm / India

Observing the allegations and propaganda war that is raised against Islam from some corners I remember an incident in the Mecca during the first few years of prophet’s preaching of Islam. Some of the upper class natives of Mecca during prophets time, who were staunchly against Islam feared that during the season of Hajj( the annual pilgrimage of Arabs to Mecca from the Abrahamic period and continued by Muslims worldwide)some of the pilgrims might happen to listen to prophet Mohammed and get attracted towards his ideology(Mr. wilders is absolutely right to call Islam an ideology, not just a religion, but he shamefully failed to see its potential that made Arabs of the medieval period the pioneers of most branches of science, philosophy, art and culture from whom Europe of dark ages got light). So they initiated a propaganda war against Mohammed and Islam amongst the pilgrims. They warned the pilgrims who came to Mecca of a wicked man called Mohammed who had lived in Mecca and misled people to his new religion showing some kind of black magic.
Many people grew anxious about this mysterious man and they visited Mohammed. They immediately realized the truth in Mohammed’s words and accepted Islam. The attempts of pagan Meccans to thwart the spread of Islam actually played a very positive role and helped in big way in the growth of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula and outside.
We can observe an analogy of this incident in today’s world where misunderstandings are common due to ignorance of Islam among masses and the deliberate efforts of some people to malign it. Verily people are enemies of what they are ignorant of. The notoriety of terrorism that is attributed to that religion is increasing the gap between civilizations.
A politician like Mr. Wilders can easily convert the ignorance and misunderstanding of the population to vote bank. The politics of hatred is much easier to win than a politics based on a sound ideology, but only at the cost of a stable and healthy society (I believe that any other ideology that aims at a responsible society is Greeks to Mr. Wilders and his political ambitions are irresistible). The biggest advantage to leaders like him is that this kind of cheap politics doesn’t warrant much talent or qualities that his great predecessors of the western and eastern worlds possessed.
These same circumstances have led many people to learn about Islam throughout the world and realize its beauty and truth. Islam with its capability to build a strong society based on its sound ideology can contribute immensely towards a better world. Quran addresses the entire humanity and not just Arabs; it’s a message for the whole humanity. It answers the most vital questions asked by thinking minds about human life and its purpose. It strongly warns against wasting ones life for material enjoyment and gives good tidings of the great rewards in the hereafter for those who lead a virtuous life in this world paying heed to God’s commands. However it doesn’t negate the importance of worldly life and discourages celibacy. There is no priesthood in Islam as God asks human beings to pray to him directly and confessions are to be made to him without an intermediary as per Quran. Its message stands for universal brotherhood and provides ideological basis for the concept of human equality.

Hengest 17 July 2010 - 5:06am / Canada

I hate to break it to you, but the dark ages weren't as dark as you would like to think. And when they were illuminated they weren't done so by muslims. Any sort of invention in the middle east was done so by folks who were around long before islam. islam just likes to take credit. It is quite ironic; for instance, if I say that islam has not done something good, I am considered racist, and if I say that something good has been done by someone non muslim, then well I am racist, even though islam follows no race, unless of course, you're arab.

Tired of their shit 9 December 2010 - 8:10pm / USA

Muslims all over the world go back to your country. You have all the conveniences you live by there they even live by your sharia law. No need to feel like you dont belong in anyybody elses country when you have your own whatsa matta cant do what you wanna over there??? Well you cant do it in anybody elses country either....get going back to your place your nothing but scavengers. Really no integrity.

Anonymous 18 July 2010 - 1:14am / Canada

The first part of your post is not entirely true.

CCC 11 June 2010 - 1:02am / USA

I guess he really is Hitler,except he wants to exterminate Muslims, you could copy what he's saying , from what Hitler said about the Jews.

Carol 17 September 2010 - 6:08am / usa

I dont see hitler here. But I see you exaggerating and inciting hatred by calling him hitler ---which is just like the propoganda hitler used against the jews.. You cant have 40 religious schools per neighborhood, each teaching everyone but them are going to hell and need to be stopped. You have to have a least SOME assimilation unless you wall off the neighborhoods! Religious liberals want to demonize those who stand up for other people's rights. If Muslims want to live in the west, THEY CAN"T BE ALLOWED TO FORCE their women to live like slaves. But they do and they will continue to until liberals admit it. Remember liberals tried to appease Hitler and it only empowered him --- AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!

Quin 6 June 2010 - 6:24pm / Spain

Well, well, well, today I went swimming and saw 2 moors in the pool.
I walk in the streets and see this girls with the covering that humiliates them.
At night I hear drunk moors singing out loud and can not sleep well.
They look at you as if they wanted to hit you or sth.

I like going to formentera in the summer where I don´t see so many moors.
Only italian, german and spanish people in peace. Enjoying life.

I want my country and Europe in general to be cleaned of all this rubbish. Good luck Geerts!.

Lavern 25 May 2010 - 5:05pm / Netherlands

I've never heard so many scared sounding people in all my life.

Anonymous 21 April 2010 - 5:29pm / UK

You talk about human dignity when Muslims behave in an arbitrary towards their women, even towards the food that they eat (Halal)? Let me tell you something about the reality of islamisation, increasingly in the Uk we read about so called Honour killings where Muslim men have killed and mutilated women because they have filed divorce suits against them.You find that the woman stay at home while their vile husbands cheat on them regularly.I work with Muslim men who joke about how many white English girls they have been with while their wives are at home watching their children, covered up, and deprived of education.They have un-protected sex with white english girls having no care at all about the risks and having no intention of having propper relationships with them because they think they are scum to be abused.I will not rest until Muslim trash is swept from our streets.They don't deserve to be here, they are not worthy of Great Britain.They have perpetrated nothing but misery wherever they are in the Uk.

andy 4 April 2010 - 12:21am / uk

Why are they here? what do they want, I have a young daughter and I fear for the world 'our' cowardly, self serving loony left politicians done. We servived the cold war largley by chance, We are playing Russian Roullete with this tiny planets life support systems, we even had Yugoslavia ripping its self apart just over a decade ago, do we not learned anything?? are we going to commit collective suicide by Islam. Why cant we just try and ensure that the lifestyle and material standard of living we have now, has never been equaled in history, and take steps to make it sustainable.
Islam is a dangerous irrational, medeivel mindset. why have they come here? And it is no good saying most of them are alright. An idiot comment for sure.

Luke Sharpe 4 April 2010 - 11:22pm / C*N*D*

andy 4 April 2010 - 1:21am / uk
Why are they here? what do they want, ....

The same can be said for the Wilders family:
Wilders' mother was born in Sukabumi, Dutch East Indies. In a biography, Wilders himself seems to play down his Indo heritage. Anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen analyses Wilders' Eastern heritage with the concept of displacedness, and classifies his standpoints as "post-colonial revanchism". This analysis is met with agreement in Indo communities.......................

Wilders is an Indo who has a hate on for his maternal INDO heritage. SO SAD really...

Anonymous 12 April 2011 - 8:31pm / UK

Errgh not really Mr Sharpe. Mr Wilders might have Indo blood in him, but his 'nationality' and core descent is Dutch through and through. Now onto the the Loyal Subjects. Many who came from the DEI, were loyal subjects who did not want to live under a majoritarian and expansionist Muslim country that as soon as it got independence, made Javanese the only official language and started to Islamify its constitution even though there was and still is a considerable amount of Non-Muslims.
These loyal subjects were proud of their Dutch heritage and if mixed of their Indo heritage as well but first and foremost, they saw themselves as Dutch Subjects who loved the Crown. Same is for British colonial subjects exactly the same, same treatment, same bullcrap that has polluted our streets in the UK since we went into hideous creation known as the EU , the same pollution coming from 'republics' which wanted rid of British rule but when the time was right, would use their colonial passports to supplant themselves in this country (yes i'm talking about Ugandan Asians to Pakistanis). So when you bring Wilders heritage, do not forget where that heritage comes from and thus the bearing it has on his current stance !

Anonymous 2 July 2010 - 1:45pm

"Wilders is an Indo who has a hate on for hir maternal INDO heritage. SO SAD really........."

It feels like raising HITLER in the country you call INDO, SO SAD REALLY that the place you call INDO has "relation " with him

Anonymous 2 July 2010 - 1:31pm

So, who are you? A monster? Yeah, I think so.............

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