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Sunday 21 December  
A man sell's the traditional Jambiyaa knife, from the back of an old Mercedes
Sana'a, Yemen
Sana'a, Yemen

When the lights go out…

Published on : 4 December 2012 - 8:11am | By (Photo: Joe Sheffer)

Since last year’s revolution in Yemen, the capital’s power supply has been unpredictable at the best of times, and at worst non-existent. Some of the residents of Sana'a receive less than four hours of power a day. 

  • A car flies down the darkened Saila during a power cut in Old Sana&#039;a<br>&copy; Photo: Joe Sheffer -
  • A man sell&#039;s the traditional Jambiyaa knife, from the back of an old Mercedes<br>&copy; Photo: Joe Sheffer -
  • A young boy continues baking bread through a power cut, with only the light from his oven and a small LED light to work by<br>&copy; Photo: Joe Sheffer -
  • Chef cooking on large gas burners in one of the city&#039;s street cafes are illuminated by their work<br>&copy; Photo: Joe Sheffer -
  • A vegetable seller illuminates his goods by gas lantern. The demand and return to gas power for lighting has caused an upsurge in fires in and around the old city<br>&copy; Photo: Adreane Williams -
  • Many of the wedding parties are lit by hand held LED torches, flares and fireworks, making for a surreal spectacle<br>&copy; Photo: Joe Sheffer -


achi 20 December 2014 - 7:11am / indonesia

hopefully better future :D
Thanks for the information, Very useful
khasiat kulit manggis untuk ambeien

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