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Saturday 20 December  
Water recycling shower saves energy
Sydney Fordham's picture
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Water recycling shower saves energy

Published on : 27 September 2011 - 2:06pm | By Sydney Fordham (Photo: Flickr/stevendepolo)
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Showering is one of modern life's pleasures; washing away the grime of daily life with a constant flow of hot water. But running a shower costs a lot, energy-wise. Besides central heating, it's the most fuel-hungry appliance in your house and the biggest consumer of water overall.

Earth Beat spoke to Nick Christy at the PICNIC Green Challenge in Amsterdam

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Nick Christy and Peter Brewin at Australian company CINTEP wanted to re-invent the shower and came up with a new design that reduces energy and water use by 70 percent. The main difference to the conventional shower is that it recycles the water that is used.

Nick Christy with his 2011 Green Challenge award at PICNIC, Amsterdam
Nick Christy with his 2011 Green Challenge award at PICNIC, Amsterdam
Dirty water?
So, what about the sanitary aspect of re-using your waste water - isn't showering in recycled water a bit... dirty? Nick Christy, CEO at CINTEP, explains that about half the water leaving the average shower hasn't even touched our bodies. The recycling shower captures waste water in the shower tray - before it goes into the plughole. It's then filtered three times and heat-pasteurised before being pumped back through the showerhead for immediate reuse.

The idea has won them admiration in Australia, where the company is based - a country which has seen a four-minute restriction on showers during droughts. Nick recently scooped the 500,000 euro first prize in the Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, meaning that the recycling shower may soon become commercially available.

“It’s fantastic,” said Nick, “The prize money puts my team and me in a position to devote ourselves full-time to getting this shower on the market.”

Taken from the latest edition of Earth Beat - Clean



Anonymous 10 November 2014 - 6:37am

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Wouter 4 October 2011 - 5:06pm / Nederland

Great initiative! And a good match with our ONEforONE water bottle ( With each bottle we sell we sponsor a life long of clean drinking water for someone in need in Africa through our partnership with Pump Aid.

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