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Friday 19 December  
New Hungarian MEP Krisztina Morvai
Tijn Sadée's picture
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary

"Psychiatric case" becomes MEP

Published on : 12 June 2009 - 2:52pm | By Tijn Sadée
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"I would be glad if those who call themselves proud Hungarian Jews would go and play with their own little circumcised pricks instead of slurring me," says Hungarian Krisztina Morvai, a controversial newcomer to the European Parliament, who's party, Jobbik, has gained three seats in the European Parliament.

Ms Morvai, a pleasant-looking lawyer, made her comments on her Hungarian website just days before the European elections. She felt provoked by criticism from the Hungarian Jew Gábor Barát, managing director of a radiological institute in New York. Mr Barát referred to Ms Morvai, leader of the extreme right-wing party Jobbik, when expressing his concerns about xenophobic elements in his home country.


"Morvai is a psychiatric case, a monster," said Mr Barát. After which Ms Morvai put him in his place. In addition to the above quote, Ms Morvai had more in store. "We no longer tolerate your terror. We will take our country back."


Ms Morvai’s web contribution caused a scandal in Hungary which passed largely unnoticed in Europe. Understandably, as: who is Ms Morvai, and what is Jobbik anyway?


Jobbik, which has entered the European Parliament with three seats, stems from the youth movement of Hungary’s right-wing party Fidesz. Under the leadership of the charismatic historian Gábor Vona a new party was founded called Jobbik – “Movement for a better Hungary”.


Pramilitary guard
At the same time, Vona de Magyar Gárda founded a paramilitary guard of disgruntled Hungarians who wear uniforms similar those of the Hungarian Nazi party during the Second World War.


A year ago, when I was still a correspondent in Budapest, I phoned Mr Vona on his mobile. A little later we were sitting in a pavement café for an interview. However, since Sunday’s spectacular win in the European Parliament elections, Mr Vona’s mobile is impossible to reach. To get an interview you have to donate 1000 euros to the party. If your version of the interview is found to be “in order” the money is given back.


Noisy product of a rotten political climate
Jobbik wants to “take Hungary back from the Western capitalists who looted the country after the fall of the communist regime in 1989". Jobbik leaders regularly make anti-Semitic remarks, and they also promise to solve "the Roma problem".


Hungarian eurocrats and journalists in Brussels are assuming Jobbik will join the new extreme-right block in the European Parliament. With Jobbik MEP Krisztina Morvai possibly as leader. Her enemies describe her as a "monstrous, psychiatric case". Her comments are certainly repulsive. But is she really mad?


In Hungary, both the ruling socialists and the conservatives in the opposition have lost any credit they had. Ms Morvai is just a noisy product of a rotten political climate in a new EU member state. The European Union should do something about that as soon as possible, if it doesn’t little monsters like Ms Morvai may get big.


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vanesa 24 April 2010 - 11:48am

Even at her age she is still very beautiful. I bet she uses all kids of skin products.

Anonymous 13 February 2010 - 4:59pm / switzerland

Quote: "The European Union should do something about that as soon as possible" against her.

As a swiss man (political not right or eighter left) i am asking myself what kind of a democratic thinking do you have in Brüssel?
I thought i a democracy everyone has his/her Voice and can have his own opinon. otherwise is more closer to a dictatorship, but this seems to be the plan of the EU.
Let her talk whatever she wants to say, and lets see if the people follow her or leave.
That should be the democratic way of the "people's power"!

David Frazer 24 June 2009 - 11:16pm
Who cares what this nutcase thinks, I just want to see her in a bathing suit. That's what matters, right, Sarah Palin?
Bela - Hungary-USA 24 June 2009 - 3:06pm
Gabor Barat: "slurring and enticing hatred" is the ADL, ACLU and other international, Soros financed Jewish organizations' war-call-to-arms against the foundations of the Western civilization: it's called "Cultural Marxism" "Multiculturalism" and "Political Correctness". The USA already have succumbed to it, so did most of W. Europe but Eastern Europe and many decent people around Mr. Geert Wilders resist vociferously and this piss you all up. The Jews like Axelrod, Emmanuel, Orszag, Soros - all Obama's string pullers - now working on "fairness doctrine", new "hate laws" to further damage the US as they did in every country they ever set foot in. As long as not a single Bolshevik is called to account for their pernicious role in the Red terror, the pent up hatred will live on and unfortunately many innocent people will suffer to boot.
Erdely György 30 April 2013 - 2:15am / USA

The charge against Jews that Soros, Axelrod, Rahm Emmanual, Madoff,Bloomberg et al harms world peace is cherry-picking your targets based on their religion. One can just as easily pick muslim, Christian or pagan monsters to prove the conclusion! When the game focused on the Red Menace the new was cast wide. Obama is not a Zionist ally and Soros is not a patriot!

Bela - Hungary-USA 23 June 2009 - 3:07pm
Gabor Barat: your words - "should be ousted"- are perfect reflection of the deeply seated, congenital, Marxist (a.k.a. Liberal) answer to any opposing view which was widely practiced by your people: have you heard of "fingernail-puller Bauer" or Farkas and Peter Gabor? The saying goes like this: "for a hammer every problem looks like a nail" - for a Leftist every problem looks like a Gulag. The beauty of democracy is that not only you have the "1st. Amendm. Rights" but others have too so your clamoring to silence, ban, oust others for their words is nothing more than an malicious attempt to squelch free speech.
Gabor Barat 24 June 2009 - 5:24am
I have been called a lot of things before but Marxist was never one of them. Thank you, there is first for everything. However, I think you really as many others misunderstand the first amendment. The first amendment prohibits the United States Congress from making laws "respecting an establishment of religion" or that prohibit the free exercise of religion, infringe the freedom of speech, infringe the freedom of the press, limit the right to peaceably assemble, or limit the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. It does not give the right for citizens to make terror threats as Ms. Morvai did: I will deal with your kind Hamas style (see above). Also the Bill of Rights does not say slurring and enticing hatred and provoking crimes against mankind is permissible. Also peaceably assemble is not on the agenda of the Jobbik either. Finally Morvai put her foot in her mouth and revealed her true intentions and beliefs. ps: Quote is from Wikipedia about the 1st amendment, I highly recommend you read it. I wish Hungary had a great Constitution like the US has.
Gabor Barat 23 June 2009 - 2:04pm
The beauty of democracy is that even a nobody (as you referred to me) can have a say. Obama was a nobody coming from a misfortunate family, now he is the president. As you probably read my letter to Morvai, I did not slur any ethnic group or her religious beliefs. I said that a woman with her characteristics should be ousted from the forum she was posting on and should be ousted from politics due to her Nazi-like views. I did not commit a crime by any means, not in Hungary not in the US. She defames and entices hatred all the time. It was about time her true feelings should be revealed as she did in an open forum. Just to answer your question about my political views: I am not a liberal, but even if I was IT IS NOT A CRIME. Also, I do not represent anybody and I am not part of any political group. I am a hard working middle-class New Jersian.
yourmum 7 April 2014 - 12:40pm

Obama, a nobody coming from a misfortunate family? Really? I thought he was a posh kid from Hawaii...

barak 20 June 2009 - 2:34pm
she wont be with us so long....
Chaya 19 June 2009 - 3:04pm
Something more: xx You must change, - your writings belong to xx Tijndji ! ¿Por qué no te callas? Chaya
Anonymous 19 June 2009 - 8:51pm
whom is "XX"
Chaya 19 June 2009 - 7:20am
Sorry but I can not start "Dear" Tijn Sadée ! I tijn(think) this is a very primitiv, superficial article written by a fluffy-minded, uneducated person who wants to be respected, acknowledged, distinguished. If I were a journalist in January 2009, I should give this headline to my article: "Psychiatric case" becomes RNW's new correspondent in Brussels The RNW( & EU ) should do something about that as soon as possible, if it doesn’t little monsters like Tijn Sadée may get big. You must change. Chaya
Bela - Hungary-USA 18 June 2009 - 6:01pm
Anonymous: Why I am off with my "rheteric" (sic) - numbers are facts so are historical events. Denying the Holocaust and Nazi atrocities is condemnable by us all but so is the attempted whitewashing of the Bolshevik's bloody rule in Hungary too: Bela Kun, Samuely the butcher, Rakosi, Gerő, chief ideologue G. Lukacs, Peter Gabor, etc. if any doubt check their bio and ethnicity, pal, Google is your friend.
Bela - Hungary-USA 18 June 2009 - 2:27pm
Who is this unknown person named "Gabor Barat?" Whom does he represent? Search in Goggle brought up no hit. Why is this commotion on a prestigious forum about a nobody? Tangentially speaking, Jews for the most part are hardcore leftists (80% voted for Obama and Marx), and chief advocates of curtailing free speech wherever they set foot. The most infuriating item for them is any allusion to their leading role in the Bolshevik terror and the "hate speech law" drive starts in earnest when one utters even a mild reference to it.
Anonymous 19 June 2009 - 6:34am
Bela US - Hungary Do a search on Google and try the Hungarian format and you will find one with this name. I did.
Anonymous 18 June 2009 - 5:35pm
Bela US - Hungary This is a bit one sided and borderline prejudice. Again you are off with your rheteric.
Gabor Barat 17 June 2009 - 10:01pm
I have received another open letter from Morvai, which did not make it to the media. I also only saw this two days ago by someone forwarding it to me. It appeared on a blog Magyar Politika (Hungarian Politics). The reason this currently can happen in Hungary is because we do not have a "Hate Speech" law limiting slurs and racist comments on public forums. Morvai is a politician and she openly curses out jews including me. I do not believe such person would be a great representative of Hungary in the EP. Morvai wrote: Your good for nothing pig friend Gabi Barat thinks only because he was born a Jew he can slur a Goy unpunished. He wrote the letter below. Your group is full of traitors and ass-kissers for "your kind" and similar comments in regard to "our kind". Last time this woman, or rather a stinky whore, wrote something similar on your blog. Unfortunately I deleted it and can't find her name. You better remember, regardless what results will the Jobbik achieve on next Sunday's election, your kind's time is over. You will not settle a new Palestine here. Here you will not have FATAH, will not have PLO, but you will be up to face HAMAS. We have had enough of you and we are not afraid. We are not quivering with fear and we will not polish your shoes. I will be glad if you remove me from you mailing list, because I am not a Zionist. I am also not the timid little Goy you imagine me to be. So my message to you is: Watch your filthy mouth pertaining to vilifying statements. And as I suggested, play with your circumcised pricks and the slurring Jew-slave woman should play with Gabi's and his buddies' d__ks. Warm regards Krisztina Morvai.
Anonymous 18 June 2009 - 12:44pm
Gabor Barot US-Hungary Well, What sloppy work you have done and to publish a private email/letter even though it was forwarded to you on a public forum. Have you heard of defamation of character or slander? I would be really worried if this or these person/s finds out what you just done and they decide to sue you. You assumed to much which makes an "ass out of you and me" notice the spelling and the sentence.
ZZX445 18 June 2009 - 10:09am
Dear Mr Barat, I am wondering, whether you will not fall under the stipulations of that "hate speech law" yourself, once it will be introduced, with respect to your letter re. Ms Morvai. Don't you think then, that from then on you will be limited yourself in your free slandering of Ms Morvai? Second, do you intend to limit the expression of free speech even in private letters too? The above mentioned letter allegedly written by Ms Morvai was sent to a private person, who committed serious offence against privacy by publicizing it. Third, will you punish "hate thinking" as well? I am sure you must call yourself "liberal", don't you?
borsmester 17 June 2009 - 6:45pm
ZZX445, "How can you claim, for instance, that Ms Morvai is antisemitic, when she is married to a jew, György Baló, a famous TV personality, and the couple have two daughters together? Or, what does the term "antisemitic" means according to you then?" I looked up the dictionary under anti-semite, today. It says Morvai Krisztina. I never understood why do Nazis get hurt if people call them nazis for their beliefs(let's blame the problems on romas, foreigners and jews etc). I often ask myself, is there a point in getting into any discussion with people who would solve complex social problems in "extremely" simple ways like Jobbik initiates to solve them? I am not sure, but what else can we do? Anonymous: You are a funny guy, I am sure what you wrote about Satan, Jesus and Jews is a joke, if not, then I underestimated human stupidity again...
ZZX445 17 June 2009 - 1:36pm
Dear Mr Sadée, for having been a correspondent based in Budapest, it is remarkable how many factual mistakes you commit in your writing - as David has pointed out. From then on, I wonder whether you can be counted as a serious and conscientious journalist at all, or you just cut and paste your articles together from the Internet? How can you claim, for instance, that Ms Morvai is antisemitic, when she is married to a jew, György Baló, a famous TV personality, and the couple have two daughters together? Or, what does the term "antisemitic" means according to you then? How can you just so lightly brush aside the fundemantal wrongdoings the so called ruling elit has done to its populace in Hungary in the last 20 years and put the blame on Jobbik for daring to rise their voice?
Anonymous 15 June 2009 - 7:56pm
Gábor Barát should be a psychiatric case writing such opinions, being a jew, the son of killer nation, lies easy about a suffering nation. But Hungarians have a great past and a greater future, being Jesus´s brothers and sisters, as Jesus was born from the Turul dinasty (nowadays called Arpadian dinasty), the only apostolic king dinasty of earth. As the jews like Jesus they like Hungarians, too. Its not a suprise. jews are the Satan´s children, jews are killers from their beginnings.
Bela - Hungary-USA 15 June 2009 - 2:20am
Anonymous: Apart from your snide remarks - which is a troll - what other, cognizant thought can you add to the aforementioned title of this thread? Do you have any constructive idea in order to advance the subject matter or you just like to attack others for no valid reason? Bringing up incongruous drivel like "Cold War Mentality" suggests you might be some Bolshevik shill but I don't have a solid proof in regard to your state of mind. Regards
Bela - Hungary-USA 14 June 2009 - 1:51pm
Anonymous: Your point is taken according which the casual Western RNW readers are fully informed about every individual's mindset and other historical details that formed Eastern Europe's past and present society and they need no clarification nor additional info at all. One poster says it all, thus others must be banned and censured. Let other readers comment on your wisdom: many people confuse Budapest with Bucharest, until now nobody heard of Krisztina Morvai, ... there must be something, like a hidden message that elicited your inane comment.
Anonymous 14 June 2009 - 9:17pm
Bela US-Hungary This is what I am talking about. Hungary is not East Europe, you should know you are Hungarian are you not?? Budapest, Hungary is in Central Europe and thus Bucharest, Romania is in Eastern Europe. This is just Cold War Mentality. Such intelligent talk from a person who is just so obviously ignorant.
Bela - Hungary-USA 14 June 2009 - 2:32am
David well intentioned but unnecessarily long treatise is too complex for Western readers to fully comprehend: I make an attempt to simplify his writing and to add a few observation on my own. 1. Morvai Krisztina's antisemitism rooted in the classical "old" right-wing religious Christian rejection of the Jews: she and her party have a very sympathetic and supportive but surreptitious stand towards Islamic (Palestinian) terrorism. She is the opposite of Geert Wilders or the Vlaams Belang for she is pro Islamic only because of her knew jerk hatred of the Jews. One has to add the other, frequently omitted and obfuscated fact, that is, the primordial role the Jews played in spawning Marxism-Leninism: almost all the Communist rulers were of Jewish ethnicity hence the Antisemitism. This is a strictly taboo subject from the Danube to as far as the Mississippi rivers. 2. The regime change did not purge the Old Communist Cadres from power: just like in Russia they became ultra rich oligarch and retained all political and economical prowess once had but in capitalist clothing this time; - for the most part these people are un- or under educated leftist political hacks firmly in control, thus the economy is in shambles and beyond hope and repair. I concur with David in this regard. 3. Gypsies: Their socio-economical conundrum is well known all over the world and Hungary is neither better nor worse in this regard than other countries with similar minorities. 4. Conclusion: The Hungarian middle class and intellectual elite perished or emigrated after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1919. for it was followed from then on by Fascism and Communism with relentless bloodbath in their wake. Hungary therefore a leaderless country, the dearth of creative ideology and middle class makes it an ideal place to be the breeding ground for wacko, bizarre movements, parties, confused population which lives in the distant past and consider everybody as mortal enemy: the EU, the USA, Sony, Unilever (multicorp.!).etc.
Anonymous 14 June 2009 - 6:54am
Bela - USA-Hungary. Do not try to oversimplify comments/statements. If the Western World readers cannot follow David's comment then I might suggest go back to school. To me this is demeaning of you and just downright insulting to anyone or to readers that has comments to post/say.
David Reich 13 June 2009 - 4:22pm
Dear Mr. Sadée, If you want to know anything about the present political situation of Hungary ask some one who does live in Hungary but in New York City. Just like me who is a proud Hungarian Jewish who lives in Hungary and my opinion about Ms. Morvai and her party differs from the opinion of the New Yorker Hungarian Jewish Mr. Barat. First of all Ms. Morvai is not insane but she is absolutely full and able to make differences between right and bad things. She is otherwise a fantastic teacher at the Legal School of ELTE University of Budapest. She was my teacher before and I liked her lessons very much. She did not behave as an extreme at all that time. That is why she is much more dangerous as most people beleive. Her party, JOBBIK NEVER WAS the youth organization of the central and moderate right winged Hungarian party Fidesz. After the socialists manipulated general elections in year 2002 Fidesz called its supporters to develop a non-formal supporting network called Polgári Körök. This movement was the nest of Gábor Vona who now is the president of JOBBIK. In the year 2004 Vona stated war against Fidesz and since that he is one of the most strict Fidesz enemy from the political right side. It was interesting to see how they could get stronger and stronger by the time. [...] Jobbik definitely is a nationalist, racist and xenophobic party. Their xenophoby is not directed at the immigrants because there is very few of them in the country but directed at the foreigner multi national companies which are treating Hungarians as slaves and selling their products that is not allowed to sell in the West anymore. The upsetting lack of equality and solidarity within the EU is causing a total disappointment over here. Even well educated people who supported joining to EU before are saying now that it would be better to leave it and this part of the society is getting wider by the time instead of shrinking. And really, there is a Roma problem in Hungary. It is not that JOBBIK spreaded in its campaign all the time that Romas are lazy useless people who are just stealing, robbing and killing the nice Hungarians. The problem is the lack of the chance of Romas to get the right education, health system, job, etc. They are suffering of lack of democracy and unequality with many poor Hungarians together. [...] All the economical, political and sociological troubles of Hungary are caused of the liar, thief and corrupted left winged politicians. It is not accidental that many of them are under criminal investigations and in jail for their "unforgettible" high value actions to put the properties of the nation to their own pockets. [...] It would be better that the media would analize the REAL POLITICAL SITUATION in Hungary and would not spread their left winged manipulating imaginations instead of the reality. I also should calle those as lies. I truely miss the balanced and objective information from both sides. Believing that once it will be fact to write about the truth for the readers I expect some well balanced writings especially from the Dutch media otherwise.

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