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Monday 22 December  

Protests at priest's gay communion refusal

Published on 22 February 2010 - 2:21pm
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Dozens of people protested outside the Roman Catholic church in the Dutch town Reusel on Sunday. The local priest, Father Luc Buyens, denied communion to an openly gay churchgoer at a service earlier last week. His actions have led to a storm of criticism.

The protesters, led by town council member Dick Boonman, handed out pink triangles to people attending Sunday mass. Several Christian gays had travelled to Reusel to attend the mass. The priest consequently decided not to administer communion to anyone attending the service.

After the service, Father Buyens explained he was still determined to hold his ground on the matter. “A referee on a soccer field does not discuss his decisions with a player who exhibits problematic behaviour,” he commented.


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kosze uliczne 25 January 2012 - 3:44am

Great blog. I found on him a lot of useful things that will be using in practice! Yours

Sami 7 March 2010 - 6:13am / Bahrain

Funny world !!
Gay Religion !! What a shame!!
The funny thing you hear animals like those talk about Islam which prohibits one simple bad look to someone
Hahaheheha !!!!!!! To the hell Christianity and Judaism

Tuxster 28 February 2010 - 1:05pm / USA

The issue with this priest is beyond the ridiculous. He doesn't realize that there have ALWAYS been gay people in the Church -- be they priests, nuns, bishops, archbishops and dare I say popes. However, what the Church wants is no discussion on the matter.

As long as we gay people stay in the closet during Mass, we're more than welcomed to receive Holy Communion. But if we're open about our sexuality, we become persona non grata at the communion rail.

It's simply ridiculous. 1 March 2010 - 4:56am / USA

Actually, the Catholic Church has every right to refuse communion with openly gay people. People who struggle with same sex attraction have every right to partake in communion, but those that profess that theirs is not a sin and engage in same sex unions violate the tennants of the Church and of God. All are sinners, but that is not the point... the point is you need to recognize it as a sin, repent of it, and strive to live a life apart from it... not engage and say it is not a sin.

Ratzki 28 February 2010 - 4:48pm

Confession means every priest knows there are Gays in the Catholic church.
Perhaps it's not discussion but misrepresentation on doctrine that the RCC does not want?
I say, let the Law decide.
But be careful what you wish for.
If demonstrators can ENTER churches to protest and commit “sacrilege”
you may be opening the door to groups like the despicable Westboro Baptist Church
to enter your church or club or bar.

Ratzki 28 February 2010 - 10:42am / UK

Every day, in every part of the world, Gay Catholics go to church and
receive communion.
Unless you want to make an issue of it, you cannot tell someones
religion or sexual orientation by looking at them.

This latest argument should be settled in a Court of Law.
Once you allow demonstrations inside churches or bars or clubs,
against the wishes of the members, it leads to disorder and violence.
Unfortunately, there have been too many examples of this already.

There are 2 rights at issue. Freedom of Religion
and Freedom from Discrimination.

In England the Law has forced the closure of Catholic adoption charities
that specialised in placing severely disabled children with Christian families.
Catholics said they would not place the children with Gay couples.
English Law said this is illegal and discrimination even though there
are plenty of adoption agencies that do place children with Gay couples.

Ken 22 February 2010 - 9:00pm / New Zealand

The christian church has lost its way. What happened to "reaching out"? The message of Christ. Today it's all about "casting out". They will burn in hell for this travesty of Christ's love.

Hiram1 26 February 2010 - 6:19pm / USA

"The christian church has lost its way. What happened to "reaching out"?"......Christ does reach out to those who knock on his door but those who do knock and enter into his Church are to stop practising the sins of homosexuality, drunkness, gluttony, and others. He states according scripture "I condeme you not and go and sin no more. He welcomes all into Communion with Him but He expects everyone to enter into his Kingdom with their earthly LUGGAGE of sinful nature at the door of his Church. One can not be a practising homosexual after entering into His Church. His Church is not the Catholic Church but the men and women throughout the world who call themselves Christians and live the life of Christ as He taught and his disciples taught.

Tuxster 28 February 2010 - 1:12pm / USA

Huh? I didn't hear you. Maybe you included it in your laundry list, but I didn't see it.

You left out practising the sin of priests MOLESTING CHILDRED!!

What? You say you were having selective amnesia?

Yeah...I thought so.

As Jesus preached, you need to remove the plank from your OWN eye, before talking about the plank in the eyes of others.

Hiram1 28 February 2010 - 6:23pm / usa

Tuxster, you posted a reply and in the section in which you replied, there is a quote from me "enter into his Church are to stop practising the sins of homosexuality, drunkness, gluttony, and others."...You let your anger block your vision. Molestion falls under "others"! It was you who were having "selective amnesia". Your statement "As Jesus preached, you need to remove the plank from your OWN eye, before talking about the plank in the eyes of others." You used quotes in your declaration. Is that what He stated or did you mean as an indirect quote. I believe He was talking about making judgements and not about talking. If one is a Christian and one tells another person that homosexuality, gluttony, drunkness and the "other" sins ( per the Christian Bible) is not conducive in leading a Christian life, one is not judging the person because only G-d can judge. When one goes to Church and his priest informs his flock the tachings of the Bible, he is not judging but directing people down the narrow path or roadway to Christ. I am not a judge but one of many who directs and informs on the teachings of Christ. Christ told Mary that he judged her not and to go and sin no more. Why did he tell her he judged her not? Because He knew that only G-d judges! But why did He say go and sin no more? Because he knew that Mary's lifestyle was not conducive in her path to G-d and her sin was forgiven. In conclusion, when you raise your children who are doing things according to your ways, you do not judge them but redirct them to what you see as right or correct. You do it by giving them instructions. Only G-d judges. Oh, when I see a criminal do something against the law, I only report what I see, I don't judge him. The judge does according to his law books.

Hiram1 22 February 2010 - 4:17pm / USA

"Dozens of people protested outside the Roman Catholic church in the Dutch town Reusel on Sunday."......It sounds like the day when all the Sodomites gather at the house of Lot and demanded he turn over his visitors to them for their Communion or initiation into the world of Sodomites. Sodomites are never happy just to be a sodomite but they want to mode and trnsform the Catholic Church into a Sodomite temple. Anyone who calls himself/herself a Christian and follows and practices homosexuality is fooling himself/herself and they know it. It has nothing to do with this priest but they chose him because he is one stone blocking them and their agenda to attack Christ and His teachings. He taught " I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me." He didn't teach one can go to the father by being a homosexual. He taught forgiveness and once forgived not to sin again. { Father Luc Buyens needs to stand firm as a Christian and not give into the demands of Sodomites who care nothing about Christ or His church.

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